Simple Green - Toxic?

Posted by: Joe Bowler

Simple Green - Toxic? - 05/17/12 06:07 AM

Be warned. I have been using Simple Green to clean my bowling balls for years. Then, I came across this article:

Hopefully, the manufacturer will remove the toxic chemical from the formula. In the meantime, I would consider looking for an alternative cleaner, or at least limit your exposure.
Posted by: VFF57

Re: Simple Green - Toxic? - 05/17/12 08:57 AM

Thanks for the heads-up. I remember reading something a couple years back questioning it's "green" claim.

Lately I've been using mostly alcohol with a small percentage mix of simple green. Now that I know it's definitely toxic I'll make sure I avoid creating a mist with it while cleaning things. It is a degreaser, so I guess we have to expect a harsh ingredient, but the manufacture shouldn't have marketed it as a non-toxic product.

Alcohol isn't a degreaser but it dries fast and removes belt marks and dirt on the balls before they go in the bag. I also wipe the ball down between shots, but most of the oil is absorbed into the ball before it gets back to the ball return. Trying to remove penetrated oil out of a reactive sponge ball after a set with a strong cleaner is futile. That's why I do regular HW baths on the balls with some dish washing liquid.
Posted by: Mark B

Re: Simple Green - Toxic? - 05/17/12 12:25 PM

more reading...

Posted by: Fin09

Re: Simple Green - Toxic? - 05/18/12 02:15 PM

I am definitely going to stop drinking this stuff now.
Posted by: AmpleSound

Re: Simple Green - Toxic? - 05/18/12 03:51 PM

LMAO, that's too funny Fin! Me too!!!

Kidding aside, everything seems to be toxic nowadays... I'll still use it when my balls get that hot water bath now and then.
Posted by: VFF57

Re: Simple Green - Toxic? - 05/18/12 04:38 PM

I am definitely going to stop drinking this stuff now.

That's why I use alcohol. smile
Posted by: Joe Bowler

Re: Simple Green - Toxic? - 06/09/12 07:53 PM

I was looking for a possible alternative to Simple Green. I thought it would be a good idea to look at the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) first. Below is the link for Simple Green:

Below is the link for 3M Citrus Base Cleaner, another degreaser:

Besides being five times the price of Simple Green, the Citrus Base cleaner is reported to be highly flammable, with potential side effects of headache, dizziness, drowsiness, incoordination, nausea, slowed reaction time, slurred speech, giddiness, and unconsciousness. Sounds like the drinks they serve at the bowling alley bar!

I think I will stick with Simple Green...straight...neither shaken nor stirred. smile
Posted by: charliexx

Re: Simple Green - Toxic? - 06/10/12 03:59 AM

You mean simple green sprayed on the ball directly or do you still dilute it?

For a sanded finish ball like the Vivid Storm is this recommended specially when I just finished playing on a sunset strip kegel patten it is soaked in oil. Should I give it the hot bath and simple green routine?
Posted by: Joe Bowler

Re: Simple Green - Toxic? - 06/10/12 08:00 AM

Some folks here prefer to mix Simple Green with alcohol, but I like it undiluted. I spray a few shots on a Viva paper towel then apply to the bowling ball. It works well at removing oil from the surface of both smooth and sanded balls. For oil soaked balls, some time in a Rujevenator oven, or a hot bath, will help restore the ball's reaction.
Posted by: 10PinGaloot

Re: Simple Green - Toxic? - 06/10/12 09:43 AM

I use a $2 bottle of isopropyl alcohol at the bowling alley, and simple green when I warm bathe my eqpt.
Posted by: swingset

Re: Simple Green - Toxic? - 06/11/12 09:20 PM

Problem with that article, and most claims of "toxicity" when pointing to a specific chemical in a cleaning product, or food product, or whatever is amount.

If it's trace amounts, then Simple Green's claim of being non-toxic probably past muster. If it's a lie, and there's more than what is safe to be exposed to, ok fine but alarmist reports don't make it dangerous.

Every drink of water, every breath of air, even an all-organic veggie grown in the ground contain trace elements of stuff that will kill you, from heavy metals to anthrax. Life is toxic, it's a question of quantities.