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fix my swing - 03/03/09 07:21 PM

I can't stop looping my swing. It loops from the inside out. I tend to pull a lot of shots left. I am working on trying to upload some videos. Are there any drills I can do to try to resolve. Thanks in advance. Please hurry. I leave for USBC in 3 weeks
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Re: fix my swing - 03/03/09 08:05 PM

one steps. Walk up to the foul line and step back about 2-3 feet. Setup how you normally would and do not pay much attention to where your shot goes. Focus on your swing. Stay loose and push the ball out, let it swing three times and on the third, pretend your taking your last step of your normal approach. We use this drill usually once a week. It is an excellent drill for timing, arm swing, and accuracy. keep at it until things feel better. Then take a normal shot and you will definitely see the results. Concentrate on keeping that swing nice and straight.
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Re: fix my swing - 03/03/09 10:53 PM

One-step drills are a good exercise. Additionally, you could put a towel under your swing arm and if the towel falls you messed up. Your goal is to keep the towel against your body.

I would also work on your pushaway and try to push the ball on your target line and keep it on that line. Also on your second step try to bring that step over in front of your non-slide foot. You might be subconsciously trying to get your body out of the way and it is causing your shots to go arwy.

Do you grab/grip/clench the ball a lot?
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Re: fix my swing - 03/04/09 02:01 AM

for the most part my steps are all left except my slide. as far as grabing the shot. i am not really sure. i am going to try the towel trick tomorrow afternoon along with the 1 step approach. i am still trying to figure out how to put up a video. i keep getting an error on youtube.
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Re: fix my swing - 03/04/09 02:18 AM

Blinds, start with your ball to the side, over your outside foot. Then keep your elbow tight against your body. Your pushoff should be straight, and the swing plane straight.

Now, it you are turning your hand so the hand is on the outside of the ball in the backswing, you will have a tendency to swing the arm around. Keep your hand behind the ball throughout.
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Re: fix my swing - 03/04/09 05:47 AM

Nobody on this site is going to be able to fix your swing in 3 weeks, go find a good coach and take as many lessons as you can, you should have been working on this since last summer. Post the video and I will give it a shot, but you are most likely going to need someone there with you to learn anything in that short time.
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Re: fix my swing - 03/04/09 12:45 PM

i am actually going to see lynn corey at star proshop in addison at 1:00 today. my natural swing was in a good line. i have just gotten into some bad habits lately.
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Re: fix my swing - 03/04/09 05:31 PM

I actually have footage from today and yesterday. now all i need to do is get it on this website. today seemed very helpful. i was walking to slow and finishing right of where i started. i looked at some old tape of my self at the lesson and i used to walk left which got my hips out of the way. now i was coming back so far it was forcing me to move the ball around my body which was making me loop. i'll be getting some footage up as soon as my girlfriend shows me how.
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Re: fix my swing - 03/05/09 10:25 PM

here is a video from tuesday.
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Re: fix my swing - 03/06/09 05:20 AM

Back the camera up so I can see your entire body from head to toe and the top of the swing, and shoot a couple shots from behind.

At least you have a tripod and not sitting the camera on the floor.

Your timing is at least a step late. Start the ball with your right foot, and over your right foot and let the ball swing your arm, you are forcing the swing, mostly because of the late timing.
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Re: fix my swing - 03/06/09 07:43 AM

From the little I could see, seems like you are pushing the ball out to the right and making a figure 8 in the backswing.

Hold the ball to the side, and push off straight. Keep your elbow tight to your body and your swing plane straight.

You also don't walk towards your target. You take a slight step to the left (2), then step in front of your body with your slide (4) to release the ball out toward your target. This pulls the ball behind your back to change the downward plane to the outside. below the waste, you are walking one direction, while above the waste, your torso turns to your target. The offset slide compensates for that.

Walk towards your target, not straight down 35, then slide at 22. Your side step to the right after release tells you your upper body is off balance because it is turned to the right. Keep your shoulders perpendicular to your target line and walk straight towards it.
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Re: fix my swing - 03/06/09 09:18 AM

I agree with CoachJim that your timing is very late. Your push away should be timed with your first step (right foot) and the ball should stay right on top of the foot and fall with the compression of the first step. Your pushing the ball away during your second step and its causing you to pull the ball throughout the swing.
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Re: fix my swing - 03/07/09 12:43 AM

so i need to start the ball a lot sooner. also as far as walking left. i feel like i have to so i can get to that part of the lane.
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Re: fix my swing - 03/07/09 04:40 AM

muscling the ball will do that to you. On the first shot it looks like you go straight back and then since you're muscling the ball forward instead of it swinging in its path that it should.. it just goes straight forward once it hits that point.
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Re: fix my swing - 03/07/09 05:35 AM

Let's break it down step by step.

1. Your set up, you are holding the ball a bit low, unless you are trying to throw the ball slow, hold it a bit higher. Elbow height should be your medium setting, ball higher than your elbow for faster speed, lower for slower. I would also like to see your head over your right foot just a pinch more so the ball is between your head and your right foot.

2. First step looks pretty good, I can't see your feet in the shot, so I will assume your foot started straight toward your target.

3. Second step, the ball should have started forward with your left hand taking the weight of the ball forward and slightly upward. Your ball is already leaking off to the right before you have even started it.

4. Third step the ball has just started and a foot off to the right of where it should be. Keep that elbow in tight to your body. If you look, the ball is not swinging, you are pulling it. This usually indicates a bad ball fit to where you have to squeeze the ball to hang onto it, you should never have to squeeze the ball to hang onto it, see your pro shop if this is the case. The ball should be behind you in your third step just past your right hip. This step goes off to the left, my guess is to allow the ball to pass your right hip. Starting the ball a step earlier will solve this I think.

5. 4th step, the ball is still going back, it should be at the top of the back swing when the right foot compresses. The right foot is now diving back to the right to make up for the left foot stepping off to the left on the previous shot, again starting the ball with the first right foot step should solve this. The ball should be dead in line with your head and the target, you can see that the entire ball and then some is to the left of your head. Again, letting the ball swing your arm nice and easy and starting it with your right foot should solve this.

6. The slide is way back to the right, the ball is so far out to the right that you are having to pull it back to hit your target. It went from way left at the top of the back swing to way right on the way down to way left again at the release, you might want to fix this before you tear a rotator cuff. You are bending from the waist trying to force the ball out to the right, the key here is you are "TRYING" instead of just letting it happen. You are going to have to turn your inner control freak off if you want to get ahead in bowling.

Good luck, post another video when you are ready.

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Re: fix my swing - 03/07/09 06:30 PM

the more i look the more i feel it's my elbow more than anything. it looks like my elbow gets outside the ball so early that it is forcing me to loop. i am going to practice on the national shot at a local house. i am going to work on starting the ball with my right foot and keeping my elbow inside the ball. it's weird. 10 years ago i averaged 225 with less equipment hooking the ball as much as i wanted. from the age of 18-22 i had 9 300 games. i quit bowling from 22-25. i am now 31 and have not shot a 300 since i was 22. my average ranges from 205-215 on easier house shots with much better equipment. it's frustrating., hopefully i can fix it quickly and get back to scoring the way i used too.
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Re: fix my swing - 03/07/09 06:31 PM

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Re: fix my swing - 03/07/09 07:01 PM

muscle? if i get my timing correct, it should take the muscle out and put my swing back in line? i feel i need to get my elbow back to regain leverage so i can repeat shots again.
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Re: fix my swing - 03/07/09 08:40 PM

Originally Posted By: uniqueblinds
muscle? if i get my timing correct, it should take the muscle out and put my swing back in line?

Yes, let the ball fall and trust that gravity will do the work for you. Your ball will always fall at the same speed and a straight line. The moment you introduce muscle into the equation, you start getting left and right movement.

I'm struggling with this as well but it's coming along nicely I think. It makes a lot of sense.

Originally Posted By: uniqueblinds
i feel i need to get my elbow back to regain leverage so i can repeat shots again.

You also need to get your elbow in, along with the above.
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Re: fix my swing - 03/08/09 01:10 PM

ok. will be trying it out today