distance dots to foul line

Posted by: Joetje

distance dots to foul line - 04/25/06 02:44 PM

I played on brand new lanes last night but what struck me was that the distance from the dots i normally start on to the foul line "seemed" to be further away.
My timing was way off because of this and i started to ask around if anyone else had probs.
Some peeps did not seem to notice but a few of the high avg players told me they too had the prob.
How on earth can they lay a brand new lane with diff specs?.Have played in numerous alleys around Europe and never encountered anything like this.
And where does it happen?....right in my home town bowling.
I started out with a 177 because i missed 3 easy spares which i normally never miss.
5th frame after asking around and coming to the conclusion it wasn't just me having the probs i moved forward 30cm and timing instantly was back.
2nd game i shot a 278!!!! sadly leaving the 10pin in the 10th which i converted and my last ball went the exact way leaving the 10pin.
Geeeezzzzz nervewrecking stuff when i reached the 8th strike and after i made the 9th i relaxed somewhat.Never knew i was that cool starting the 10th frame with 9 in a row.There it all went wrong but very happy with the 278.
Ended the night with a 201 resulting in a 659.

Back on my own topic smile ....has anyone had this distance problem ?
Posted by: Atochabsh

Re: distance dots to foul line - 04/25/06 03:12 PM

USBC says the approach has to AT LEAST 15' long. That doesn't mean it cannot be 16 or 16.5 feet long. I know you are in the Netherlands, so your lane certifications maybe different.

But here in the States, I've run into a variety of lenghts of approaches. They are not hugely different, but once you know the difference can exist you learn to look for it.

Posted by: Joetje

Re: distance dots to foul line - 04/25/06 08:55 PM

i hear what you are sayin erin but what is the point of putting the dots further out or closer.I always use them to make sure i start at the right lenght so my steps will be oke.
I really thought it was a universal thing.
But as long as u find out there is something different instead of thinking you are the problem then i think i will be oke smile
Posted by: Atochabsh

Re: distance dots to foul line - 04/25/06 09:03 PM

nope its not a universal thing. Just like some houses have 7 locator dots and others have 5 on the approach.

One thing you can do from now on is to know how far from the foul line you usually end up. If its 4 inches, 1 foot, or 2 inches. You should know this number. Just like you should know your side to side drift. If you are ever in question, go up to the foul line and facing the approach, take 4 1/2 steps (4 step approach) or 5 1/2 steps (5 step approach) and where you end up is a good indication of where you should set up for your approach.

Posted by: Joetje

Re: distance dots to foul line - 05/08/06 10:04 PM

thx erin...will keep that in mind.In a few weeks i will be used to the new lanes but next month i have a tourney in germany where the dots are in the "old" position.
So i am going for the 4 1/2 step from the foul line now to find my spot.
See what happens...