women bowlers, esp. those w/ hips, pls r/o (long)...

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women bowlers, esp. those w/ hips, pls r/o (long)... - 11/28/01 12:39 AM

have you you adjusted your initial stance, backswing and delivery from the (male) "norm" to accommodate a woman's proportionately larger hips? if so, how? if not, how do you manage?

at the line, i naturally position myself at an angle, left side of body forward, right side back. this allows me (a right-hander) a straighter backswing and release. from what i can see on tv, some pwba women appear to do the same thing.

but my male coach insists i stand "straight", both sides of the body in line. this forces me to arc the ball -- the problem he's trying to prevent.

i think he just doesn't get it. your thoughts?
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Re: women bowlers, esp. those w/ hips, pls r/o (long)... - 12/04/01 07:02 AM


Rather than come right out and disagree with a coach, I'll explain how I set up my students...

I have them align the foot opposite from the ball-side along the board they chose for the approach start (actually I have them align the left edge of the shoe sole with the crack of the board they have selected.) The ball side foot is then placed back, about half the distance of the lead foot and slightly away from it. I also allow them to rotate in the ball-side direction.

I do this for several reasons:
1. This makes for a very stable stance.
2. Sliding the ball-side foot back and in an open position is conducive to slightly opening the hips and shoulders. By pulling the ball in close to the body, the center of gravity is in the middle of a triangle formed by the ball and both feet. A very stable position that minimizes muscle tension.

As far as clearing the hips? If you are a four step approach bowler with near-zero timing, the ball should pass the hips early in the second step (third step for a five-step approach). There's not much you can do with hip rotation with the weight on the ball-side foot and ball passing by (other than dip the ball-side shoulder, which many players do just that). Watch the path of the ball traveling back with some of the 'standing tall' tour players. The ball is headed away from the hips as it heads into the backswing. It's not much of a movement away from the body, but it's enough to clear hips. At the height of the backswing, the ball shifts in toward the bowler and it travels in a straight path as the ball-side foot kicks hard left to clear the lower body.

I'm rambling again....

I hope this helps,