practice targets

Posted by: brumichen

practice targets - 04/15/01 09:15 AM

Is there any one who can tell me about ACCU-WEDGE ( PLUS ) PRACTICE TARGETS or what you use for practice targets . what might you use to get more accurate
Posted by: Express

Re: practice targets - 04/15/01 11:40 AM

Guess what? A piece of colored taped from the hardware store works just as well! or get those 3M tape flags from the office supply store. laugh
Posted by: Rocket to the Pocket

Re: practice targets - 04/16/01 10:17 AM

Yes, the colored tape works very well (I personally use black electrical tape). Please check with your lane's proprietor before putting tape on the lane! Also, when you use the tape, it may be better to put the tape across the boards first. Example: you want to pracrice hitting the 8 board. Put the tape across boards 7, 8 and 9, giving you a one board margin of error. As you get better hitting target, gradually go from putting the tape across the boards to putting the tape lengthwise with the boards, bringing yourself to one board to hit.
Posted by: Bob

Re: practice targets - 04/17/01 12:31 AM

If the person at the desk should object remind them that the tape doesn't hurt the lanes because its actually laying on the oil and that tape IS also used by the local association to do the lane graphs. So any objections are really unwarranted.