Unimportant Wood Lane Advice

Posted by: Mkirchie

Unimportant Wood Lane Advice - 02/29/20 08:15 PM

So, I`m meeting some family in a few weeks to go bowling with them on a Saturday night. They live around 2 hours away in PA and the center they want to bowl at has wood lanes. Obviously, it doesn't matter how I do, but I want to try to do the best I can just because I haven't bowled on wood in 14 years and have no idea when I might get the chance again.

I was already figuring on dry lanes due to when we will be bowling and wood reinforced that thought. I intend on leaving my Hy-Road Nano at home and bringing my old urethane Turbo instead along with my old Critical Mass and my Super Natural. I also might not bother to bring my Vintage Danger Zone because I think it might be too strong. I'm also ready for the possibility of weakening my release and playing straighter. Any other thoughts?

Posted by: 82Boat69

Re: Unimportant Wood Lane Advice - 02/29/20 09:06 PM

Unless they're laying down a bunch of oil, only urethane and plastic will work. Everything else will hook in the heads and roll-out.
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Re: Unimportant Wood Lane Advice - 03/01/20 08:16 AM

Agree Urethane. If it was me I would be playing the twig with wood and no oil.
Posted by: Mkirchie

Re: Unimportant Wood Lane Advice - 03/01/20 09:03 AM

That reinforces my thoughts. From pictures, the center does seem to host a lot of tournaments and at least the lanes look like they have been refinished on a regular basis and not neglected for a bunch of years. I figured I'd at least bring my Critical Mass along with the two urethane balls because I figure that there were still a lot of wood lanes when it came out. I'm also likely to prefer the Turbo over the Super Natural for the same reason. Most likely to just use the Turbo and will fire it up the outside with little hand if I can't find anything with my normal release.

Posted by: 82Boat69

Re: Unimportant Wood Lane Advice - 03/01/20 02:06 PM

If you're old enough to remember, wood lanes simply had conditioner on them. Later, lacquer was added to seal them and then the conditioner was applied. If they look dull, its probably just conditioner. If they appear shiny, its lacquer.

Urethane and plastic will not work well on conditioner only. On lacquer, they'll work fine.

The weaker the lane surface, the harder the ball needs to be. The progression has been from soft lanes and hard ball to hard lanes and soft balls.