Leading with the ring finger...

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Leading with the ring finger... - 08/19/19 10:21 PM

Hey Dennis, Once upon a time you posted the following:
" I look at my two fingers, and the callus on my ring finger is larger and harder than the one on my middle finger. And, in retrospect, I think my lift on release comes from that finger the most.
It is the farthest one under the ball and last to come out on release. So, where the ring finger is at release could be important. It's in the ball the longest, and probably has the greatest impact on the ball. "

I've read one of John Jowdy's books a few years ago and he stated to lead with the ring finger. I was of the impression that doing this would help one keep their hand behind the ball longer and down to the point of release at the ankle or shoe. Didn't think of it much more than that.

My knee has pretty much healed up thank goodness. I'm going to see if I can bowl some games on Wednesday morning.
One thing I'd like to do is get my hand to stay under the ball better and more. Do you suppose that cupping the ball a little would help accomplish that task? Perhaps that's why I've been topping the ball way too much recently. I need to get underneath somehow...
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Re: Leading with the ring finger... - 08/22/19 03:14 PM

Just read a couple of articles by Ron Clifton about timing. He advocates a little late timing to improve accuracy and probably less strain on your body. To accomplish this it's suggested to begin your pushaway one step later in the approach. I'm going to play with this and see if I can incorporate this into my game. It'll give an increase in leverage and be able to keep from pulling the ball to the left.
I've learned that when I do a four step approach my hand is more quiet during the swing.
If I can do this and then figure how to get and stay under the ball, things will be much better...
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Re: Leading with the ring finger... - 08/29/19 11:51 AM

Gave the later timing a try and I think I'm going to continue to use it. My scores weren't good, but it was comfortable and it did allow me to have better leverage. The problem I had was spare shots went out the window and I'll have to contend with that. My hand action during my backswing is still not good and I'll continue to consider trying things to get my hand to quiet down. Lately I've been using more matte finished balls like the Storm Code X and Torrent. The IQ Tour Solid is good. All of these used together help keep me in pretty good position.
Till next time...
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Re: Leading with the ring finger... - 09/12/19 12:24 AM

Had a relapse with my knee issue after last week. Go an ice pack for it and it sure seems to have made a big difference. Bowled without having it in the morning before our senior league, but got to use it for a hour before I tried bowling in the men's league this evening. Survived and helped our team take two games plus series.
The later timing is helping me stay behind the ball much better along with leverage. Switched to a Hammer Dark Legend that I had switched to a 3000 grit finish which made it work much better for me than ever before. Was able to bowl a 230 game with it.
I may have to go to 3000 grit on my IQ Tour and see if it improves things with it, too.