tennis elbow

Posted by: bpbowler

tennis elbow - 02/13/18 03:54 PM

I have developed tennis elbow. Likely from bowling given the repetitive stress. The doctor didn't really offer much in advice from the typical ice, inflammatory meds and stretching. I suppose PT would be the next step. I have started using Castor Oil, which I hear has a healing affect on this tendon. I'm curious of any other bowlers out there who have suffered from this and their advice?

I do also do some basic stretches and have a tennis elbow support. Since it got worse (2 weeks ago) I have ceased bowling.

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Re: tennis elbow - 02/13/18 04:39 PM

I can't give any advice about how to necessarily help relieve the pain beyond rest, dropping ball weight as mentioned in your other post, and whatever the doctor says. However, from the bowling side of things, you should check the fit of your ball. Also, check to see if you're muscling the ball instead of keeping a loose free swing. In theory, with proper fit and good technique it has been my experience that you should not have elbow pain/tennis elbow caused by bowling.

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Re: tennis elbow - 02/13/18 05:23 PM

Mine was not from bowling. The only thing that worked on it was acupuncture, followed by home use of ice, and a Tens unit.
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Re: tennis elbow - 02/15/18 07:39 PM

If this is bowling related, It's probably from you bending your elbow in the back swing. This happens, especially if you have dropped in weight.

First, I would get an elbow wrap and focus on getting your elbow straight in the swing.

Your are should be loose and not tight at all.
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Re: tennis elbow - 02/17/18 03:58 AM

Some info
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Re: tennis elbow - 06/24/19 10:34 AM

I can suggest a few different things as I have basically adapted my style of bowling to not have this happen. As it plagues me every now and again.

There are various things you can do to reduce tension or muscle activation in your swing or ball fit that can help reduce this problem. As Dennis mentioned, keeping your arm straight and not letting it bend is a big contributor that can remedy some of the pain. Not clenching the ball in a death grip can help as well, especially if you are swinging with a bent elbow.

As for pain, an elbow/arm band or brace can help. Massaging the side of the forearm that connects to the part of your elbow in pain (pro tip, it works for your wrist as well). Acupuncture can work but it does not treat the cause, same with the massaging.

Typically, this affliction is the result of a muscle imbalance between the prone and supine forearm muscles. So keeping your arm stretched out and working specifically to target and strengthen the part of your arm that is imbalanced will help the tendon and ligaments grow in strength and handle more pressure or weight. Also DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT, expect this to be done quickly. Connective tissues take much longer than muscles do yo adapt and grow. It took me nearly a year to get my elbow in a manageable spot while I retooled my bowling and worked on the muscles.

A small exercise I can offer is to get a container like a large protein shake mix container and fill it nearly all with sand. Stick you hand in inside the opening and then open it up. Then lift the container 3sets of 10 times. It may not seem like a lot but it is a process. Make sure you do it over something you don't mind getting sand on or dropping a container on cause it may slip off. 👍

Hope that helps,
The Demolition Man