Core and pin action

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Core and pin action - 01/06/17 11:03 AM

I like to know how things work. So please correct me if I Ďm wrong.
From what I have been able to learn is the core starts off (at release) off center, as it travelsí down lane itís wants to right itís self (like a gyroscope).
So pin position, looking at a clock starts out at 1-12:00 and ends at 9:00?
Do I have the correct concept of the core reaction?


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Re: Core and pin action - 01/06/17 02:48 PM

You are correct Joe. The hook phase of ball motion ends when the ball no longer has axis rotation imparted by the bowler's release and enters an end-over-end roll phase.
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Re: Core and pin action - 01/06/17 02:54 PM

Every person who throws a bowling ball has a positive axis point (PAP) and a negative axis point. If you look at your grip layout with the fingers above the thumb, your PAP will be off to the right in a straight line from the center of your grip, somewhere between 3-6 inches, with a slight up/down adjustment. When you deliver your ball, your PAP will be to your left.

Take a pencil with an eraser and lay it in front of you with the point to your left and eraser to your right.

With your left hand lift the point about 30 degrees from the table. That's what axis tilt looks like. You just have to imagine the weight block being part of the pencil. If you move the tip toward you, you are seeing what axis rotation looks like. If you stay behind your ball at release, you may only create 10-20 degrees of rotation. If you come way off the side, the tip of your pencil may be pointing directly at you. That would be 90 degrees of axis rotation.

Your pencil is a very skinny weight block. Imagine a much larger hand-grenade shaped object and you get a better idea of what drillers are trying to take advantage of.

Basically, based on the bowler's release, the surface of the ball and the oil pattern, the driller is attempting to get the ball to skid the right amount, hook the right amount and roll the right amount to expend as much power as possible into the pocket.

If the weight block is still tilted too much or rotated too much at impact, it will deflect. If the weigh block is flat and rolls too long before hitting the pins, it will also deflect.

When you see dual angle values like 50 x 5 x 50, those numbers are an attempt to control skid, hook and roll. PSA drilling attempt to do the same thing.

If you spend $200+ on a ball and your pro has never seen you bowl and doesn't know what your PAP is, they can't optimize your drilling. You may not get your money's worth.
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Re: Core and pin action - 01/06/17 04:10 PM

So it should look like this?

Now this is showing a smooth curve, but a skid flip, would look similar just more of a snap move, right?

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Re: Core and pin action - 01/10/17 11:48 AM

Yes, just like that