Turning Early need some insight

Posted by: JBenny

Turning Early need some insight - 03/04/10 11:34 PM

A fellow bowler told me I am turning the ball early... It is a problem I was somewhat aware of but really noticed it tonite on slick conditions... My ball was really lacking drive tonite more than any night I can remember.. A lot of 2-8 10s, weak 10s, pocket 7-10... I knew something was off because I was hitting my spots at the arrows and breakpoint to no success...

I cant get the feeling back of not turning the ball until it passes my slide foot.. I can feel my hand is on the inside of the ball throughout the backswing but everything falls apart by me turning the ball a good foot or 2 before my slide foot... This early turn is even resulting in a mini chicken wing where I can feel my elbow kick out at release...

This didnt happen the entire night. I would string 4 together with a nice strong reaction and then the next shot my ball will slide past the head or leave a washout..

I was wondering if anyone has any mental thoughts during there swing , or physical drills that could help... I appreciate everyones help..

One quick note.. this problem has been lingering for a while but not to the extreme as it did tonite... Turning early is causing the mini chicken wing, my ball going too long, balance issues, and poor aim...
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Re: Turning Early need some insight - 03/05/10 12:43 AM

Patients on the down swing - don't help/push it to the release. The "Back-up" ball drill is good - aim for the 1-2 pocket.

~ John
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Re: Turning Early need some insight - 03/05/10 01:29 AM

Concentrate on the inside bend of your elbow staying aimed at your target.
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Re: Turning Early need some insight - 03/05/10 01:52 AM

I use to have this same problem. Still do if I don't mentally address it. What I do is try to keep my elbow in alignment with my chin, and my chin aligned to the left of my target. I also visualize extending my arm up and through the ball. I'm a cranker so this works for me.
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Re: Turning Early need some insight - 03/05/10 11:58 AM

Here is the best drill I have found to fix release issues.

Stand at the line as if you were already posted on the shot, slide foot in front, trail leg behind you pointed away from your target and balance arm out. Let the ball dangle at your side and look down at your hand. Now move your hand to the position you want to be as the ball gets to that flat spot at the bottom of swing. Once you get there push the ball forward about a foot and a half and then relax. Continue to watch your release point and watch your hand as it stays in that position. Do this for about 30 shots and then try a full approach. If your release is still a little off, go back up to the line and do it again.

I have done this drill every day for the last 3 weeks and my rev rate has increased, accuracy of my tilt and axis of rotation has increased, and my overall release has cleaned up. This drill is a great way to get your mind to feel what you are trying to accomplish, and you can see the hand at release so you have a positive feedback that you were in the right spot.
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Re: Turning Early need some insight - 03/05/10 12:13 PM

This one I had to copy and paste. Don't have the problem currently...but it creeps in from time to time so I know I'll need it;)

Hell, I should record a lot of this stuff from all the folks here and make a mini-book for practice(just for me, mind you, not for sale) <g>

JBenny, don't know your style, but what's been posted so far covers a lot of people.
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Re: Turning Early need some insight - 03/05/10 12:17 PM

Originally Posted By: JackZ
Hell, I should record a lot of this stuff from all the folks here ...

I do that.
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Re: Turning Early need some insight - 03/05/10 01:27 PM

I also keep a notebook with me. It has notes on things I practice, things that work and things that didnt. It also has all of my bowlsk sheets from the beginning of me using the program.