2007 Pepsi Tournament

Posted by: Josh

2007 Pepsi Tournament - 03/11/07 11:58 PM

So the 2007 Pepsi tourney was held at my house in today and yesterday. I think we did very well.

Despite scheduling issues in past houses, (where the Pepsi was notoriously late starting and ending by hours) we started on time with the national anthem and announcements. After this we started practice. (only 2 balls per lane, something many people weren't used to) I lead off practice with 2 gutter balls [ouch!] Everyone else seemed to be having an off day also. So after a low series for me I hung around. (I volunteered to score monitor second squad) A guy about 10 lanes down from me bowled a nice 288 game, and finished out with an 801 series [best game/series of that day]. So after score monitoring for the second squad I went to catch up with some bowler buddies of mine. None slipped into qualifying except two, he finished with a 695 scratch series with a high game around 255, and a female friend of mine finished with a 639 scratch series to make (I think) first for girls division. Since my boss [Jr. Director of our house] couldn't put me on the clock for my monitoring hours, she paid me in games, 8 per squad. So I bowled 7 games and used the last to help a kid I work with out on his throw. (Which is looking much better now grin hehe ) After that I went home and took a snooze =].

Second day, arrived for score monitoring at 8am sharp, (is 8:10 sharp? angel) got my recaps ready to go and hung out for a bit. There were so many good bowlers! It was amazing. Many 650+ series and a few 700's. One kid bowled a 288 game (had it until my boss started watching, the curse stands! but thats another story hehe)Later on that day, (second squad)another kid bowled a 288 also a few lanes down from my groups. I specifically recall this one younger kid (10-12 range I think) was very good, bowled a 216, 226, 235 for a nice series, I was stunned at the skill of some of those juniors hehe. It was also nice to see the newbies out there doing their best. Many bowlers approached me and chat chitted for a bit, which was refreshing to see how nice bowlers are/can be.

Then everyone collected their recaps and cleared out. The alley was DEAD silent, very eery, yet oh so relieving. After that me and the other score monitors bowled a few games and hung out. So all in all I think we did good as a house and I hope they schedule more tournaments here!

Posted by: Angel

Re: 2007 Pepsi Tournament - 03/12/07 12:30 PM

Hi Josh,

There are a lot of issues running a Pepsi regional or Pepsi state qualifier, as you've mentioned. In our district, something like 700 kids have to pass through the building in two days on only 32 lanes. It's definitely a challenge. I'm not a fan of the two balls per lane, but that's how it is in Southern California, too. Our squads usually start on time, but sometimes the start time is held up for reasons as simple as not enough help getting the kids through check in.

My son is a state director and his best friend is a local director so they bowl the 9 am squad this Saturday and then work at least the noon squad and possibly the 3 pm squad. They usually work check in and then add up recaps. More hands in the squad room usually means smoother sailing.

Thanks for your recap of the weekend's events. I'll see how closely everything matches down here.