Junior gold

Posted by: Dylan585

Junior gold - 03/19/14 09:52 AM

I finally made junior gold this year.... Can any one tell me what the atmosphere iss like and also if there is a limit to how many balls u can bring
Posted by: MNsportsfan

Re: Junior gold - 03/20/14 11:56 AM

Congrats on making it, my daughter went two years ago. Atmosphere is just like any other jr event. It's good. As far as I know, no limit on # of balls.
Posted by: Richie V.

Re: Junior gold - 03/22/14 03:51 AM

Dylan585, I'd like to welcome you, but also let you know that your two threads are probably misplaced. While your tournaments may be on Sport-compliant conditions, the "Leagues & Sport Bowling" forum is really meant for discussion about adult leagues. Your threads would probably be better placed in the "Youth & Collegiate Bowling" forum.