Is the NCAA Right for College Bowling?

Posted by: Dizzy

Is the NCAA Right for College Bowling? - 05/04/04 04:36 AM

This year was the first year the NCAA held a Women's Bowling Championship. As of last count there are at least 40 schools which have NCAA staus in bowling. Is this good for college bowling and the sport? So far the NCAA doesn't have Men's Bowling as a sanctioed sport. That one could be tougher, what with all of the money which many college bowlers have won as "amateurs". The NCAA schools have to follow strict guidelines when it comes to scholarship money won at YABA level and some others things. I really don't know if bowling needs the NCAA. Apparrently the NCAA needs Women's Bowling.

Posted by: sugarlesspunk

Re: Is the NCAA Right for College Bowling? - 05/05/04 11:44 PM

good question....i would like to know also.

i've encountered that they are extremely strict about not using any money earned in YABA leagues/tournaments. if you use any of it for college, they may not let you bowl on the team if it's NCAA sanctioned. if you have used the money, the only way they will accept you is if you pay it back with your own money.

as far as i know, YABA holds your scholarship money for 6 years, so you could easily use it after graduating from college. however, they might change that number, and, if you've earned a good amount of money, you could get screwed frown