NJ Collegiate Tournaments

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NJ Collegiate Tournaments - 12/31/01 11:52 PM

Congratulations to the University of Kansas men's team on their impressive win at the Colgate Invitational in NJ. They beat 5 top 10 ranked teams Saginaw, Michigan State, Morehead, St. John's, and St. Peter's among others, for the win.

Congratulations as well to Saginaw, who then won the NJ Winter Classic. Great job guys.
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Re: NJ Collegiate Tournaments - 01/14/02 03:15 PM

Much props to the big Sag Nasty for wiping the floor with the competition in New Jersey despite not having the number one college bowler in the country available b/c of injury.

A 600 pin victory without their anchor bowler/defending College Bowler of the Year shows how deep they are, and that they might actually win the whole shebang this year.
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Re: NJ Collegiate Tournaments - 01/14/02 07:43 PM

Your American Hero,

I would expect that you would be that enthusiastic about Saginaw since you have 2 brothers on their team!
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Re: NJ Collegiate Tournaments - 01/15/02 05:53 PM


Whether it's family or not, Sag Nasty is indeed the best team in collegiate bowling. No disrespect to Western, but Sag Nasty will be the team to beat, but wait... they've already been beaten by the format and luck on any cinderella team. When the Number 1 kid comes back, who knows who what will happen...

Tell Brook, that taco bell does not have walk thru (Cincy)
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Re: NJ Collegiate Tournaments - 01/15/02 09:45 PM

beaten by "format or luck on any cinderella team?"
or shall we use the excuse they were missing their #1 player? One player does not a team make.

Maybe its just too honest to say they were beaten by the better team that tournament. It happens.

Some teams have worked very hard to improve and recruited some good players. Others that have been known to have great teams in the past have fallen behind. Thats what makes collegiate bowling so exciting. Every year its a new game. laugh
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Re: NJ Collegiate Tournaments - 01/17/02 12:54 AM

Thanks Bowl4life on the congrats. for the Colgate, even though we did everything in our power to try to give it away the final game and got lucky on a stone 8 and ringing 10, but I guess breaks even out.
Anyways, hats off to Saginaw, they just fired away at the second tournament and blew everyone away. They can play, and they will be tough down the stretch, especially when Bill comes back. Very few who can play as well as he does. Good luck and good bowling to all.
BTW-I never got a chance to personally congratulate you all on your total domination of the second tournament, so congratulations.
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Re: NJ Collegiate Tournaments - 01/17/02 07:38 PM

I don't know who you are, but I think you should be prouder of your team. Yes, luck is a part of bowling, but you don't get to the top of a field of what, 40 teams or so, without some skill too.
I've watched your team and I have to say they look the best I've seen from Kansas in years.

Saginaw and WI will still be the teams to beat, I agree, but on any given day, anything can happen.
Remember that. Otherwise we all should just give up now.

Best of Luck.
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Re: NJ Collegiate Tournaments - 01/17/02 08:36 PM

Bowl4life, don't get me wrong, there isn't anyone more proud of us then I am. I am proud of how we bowled the first eight games, and I am proud of how we sucked it up and made some spares late in the 9th game. I understand that it sounded as if I was not proud of us, and I apologize if this is how it was taken, but we just want to have a chance to win the big one, and we can be proud of our accomplishments but at the same time we must learn from our mistakes to achieve that goal. I can tell you this, when we were at our hotel, we all felt pretty good, but we all knew that we have to bowl much better if we are to have a chance at the one tournament that we so deperately want to do well at. But I am proud of my boys always have and and always will be.
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Re: NJ Collegiate Tournaments - 09/08/04 09:36 AM

hey ya, i was thinking of attending a school in nj who has a desecnd bowling program to be honest i dont even know who has one and who doesnt . can some 1 list at least 10. in new jersey county coll. i s kool too