collegiate team (how to start one)

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collegiate team (how to start one) - 06/20/01 10:24 AM

i have alot of interest in starting a college team in my home town > what and how do i go about it?
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Re: collegiate team (how to start one) - 06/20/01 12:52 PM

Hello Commish,

Lots of info available at CBUSA, link through the web site, college, for contact information. Several different ways to go.

NCAA is hot in womens bowling right now. Sounds like 15 more schools coming on line. Possible that permanent status may be obtainable. Federal Title 9 consideration is driving this. Downside is that mens bowling will be stuck at "club" status. But since most college bowling is already stuck at "club" status, why hold back the women?

Advatages to womens NCAA bowling, includes greater collegate scholarships, equipment provided by the school, funding for travel/tournament expenses and coaching staff. Under Title 9 colleges have to equalize expenses, so they are using bowling to help offset the football team cost.

NCAA rules are a bit more complicated considering eligablity and scholarships from outside sourses. A female bowler who has gone adult and cashed in a tournament will need to return the money and petition to have eligablity re-instated. Scholarship money awarded as a result of performance in a tournament needs to be carefully checked out.

For the men, NCAA status is possible, just a harder road. Most will be "club" for some time. The "club" status includes different conferences, and tournaments. Your Student Union manager should be able to tell you who they may be generaly associated with.

Good Luck.

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Re: collegiate team (how to start one) - 06/20/01 04:04 PM

We'd love to add more college teams so I hope you pursue it. Its an exciting, competitive sport at the collegiate level.

I agree, the best way to go is to start as a "club" sport. At many colleges the student union helps support the teams, and fundraisers are a must. Its actually the safe way to go, because if Athletic Dept. budgets are cut, and the teams are supported by the AD, bowling is often the first to go. No one can take it away from you if you are self-supporting.

You can contact Karl Nickolai at the College Bowling website for specific information on how to register your team with CBUSA, and how much the membership fee is. His e-mail address is: [email protected]
I'm sure Karl can also give you some suggestions on how to run team tryouts, etc....He's been involved in college bowling for many years and coaches the Michigan State teams.

Good Luck! smile
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Re: collegiate team (how to start one) - 06/21/01 03:20 AM

Skip Karl and go directly to collegebowling USA. That's the answer you're going to get from him anyway. Anyhow, he has a nice site that keeps track of collegiate bowling. It's like the home of college bowling... ya know?? Anyhow i have given you all the information you need commish and so have these posters. Good luck and maybe there can be another Indiana Rivalry other than IU and Purdue... lol
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Re: collegiate team (how to start one) - 07/14/01 08:11 PM

There is a lot of scholarship money available to kids who excell in YABA bowling.
Of course one must demonstrate a real interest and the desire to participate in tournements. A real interest means bowling in at least one YABA league and practicing and concentrating on improving your game. One of our bowlers is going to Reno, Nevada this week to bowl in the National Coke tornement, all travel and lodging expenses paid. He will have the opportunity to win big scholarship $$$ if he places. We wish him the best.