Bowling ball for youth bowler

Posted by: Turner727

Bowling ball for youth bowler - 01/13/04 06:20 AM

Now, as I recall, up till the time I was fourteen or so, I used the same weight ball as my age. So when I was twelve, it was a twelve pound ball.

Now, my 11 year old is in a league, and about to get a ball at the end of the league. So my question is, what weight should he use? Right now, his timing is shot, so I have him on an 9lb ball. But he's wanting to throw a 10, and seems to do okay with it. One of the pro shop guys said that if you use a 10 lb house ball you can easily use an 11lb ball.

While I like the proshop guy, and my instict is to trust him, I'd like to hear what other people have to say.
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Re: Bowling ball for youth bowler - 01/13/04 07:04 AM

I've heard of matching ball weight with age. I have also read the theory of using 10% of the bowlers body weight.

Frankly, I think you need to look at the bowler's size and know whether they exercise, practice and are generally active in sports.

Be wary of increasing the ball weight before the bowler develops a good release. Increasing the weight too soon could result in thier wrist breaking down and evolving into a spinner release.

There are a few professionals that use a 10 - 12lb ball to work solely on thier release to get effective rotations, ignoring pin count.

Hope this helps,
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Re: Bowling ball for youth bowler - 01/13/04 07:10 AM

Well, he's a kid. Lot of running around, sports at school, that sort of thing. I forget how tall he is, but he's a pretty good sized kid. I think he's about 80 lbs, and to be honest, I couldn't tell you how tall. Maybe about 4'6"? Taller? I'd have to look at it when I get home.
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Re: Bowling ball for youth bowler - 01/13/04 09:15 AM

I measured him when I got home, and he's 4'10". I was thinking 4'6" was too short.
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Re: Bowling ball for youth bowler - 01/13/04 01:42 PM

From what I've experienced when coaching youth bowlers, he should be around a 12 lb bowling ball (again, depending upon size, experience of the child). A good way to find out if it's a suitable weight for him is to have him stand in front of you. Have him hold his bowling arm at 90 degrees (elbow at the waist and palm up). Carefully place the bowling ball on his palm (but don't let it fall!). If he seems to struggle with holding this weight, then it's too heavy. Be careful because if the weight isn't correct it will throw his timing all off (just like you mentioned wink ) . Try this with some house balls and see what weight feels good to him.
Posted by: Turner727

Re: Bowling ball for youth bowler - 01/14/04 12:57 AM

Well, when I told him 11lb ball, he panicked over it. So I'll probably go with the 11.

The thing I'm looking at too, is he started bowling maybe six weeks ago. A 10lb ball he can throw just fine right now. And since the ball he'll be getting is part of the league promotion, we won't get it until the league is almost over. So it's about three months away. I'm hoping that the 11lb is enough for a year or so. I can always put the ball away for a year until my 9 y/o wants it, and buy him another, but I'd rather not do that immediately.

But I will try what you said, CZ, and see how he does with it. Thanks!
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Re: Bowling ball for youth bowler - 04/27/04 05:19 PM

My opinion is that if the ball is to heavy then he will get use to it. I used to have a 14lb bowling ball and i am throwing it so fast that it didnt have time to hook. It was a V2 Particle so its a pretty good hookin ball. Instead of going to a 15lb ball which i knew i should have gotten i got a 16 pound storm triple X. My timing is better and im getting use to the ball. Use to have a 154 average but now i have a 176. I say get an 11.

Josh Rash
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Re: Bowling ball for youth bowler - 08/28/04 03:01 PM

i am 14 and just moved up to a 13, but if he can manage a 10lbs house ball he will easily manage a 11-12lbs ball. i have trouble bowling with a 12lbs house ball because it doesnt fit my hand right