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MJBT - 09/17/02 12:18 AM

I recently bowled an MJBT tournament in alexandria minnesota. they lay down a sport shot just for the tour and I was told it bein my first time and all not to get discouraged if i bowl bad because its a hard shot and no one can really bowls that good. I started off on a lane where i kept runnin into the wall because the inside tight shot was where it was at and ne thing outside was not comin back no where. Well, i qualified in the top ten at -167 after 9games of qualifying. Then i went off and bowled another 10gmaes of matchplay and went from +10 to -208 in the last 4games, my wrist just gave out and I was screwed. Ended up winnin 160$ in scholarships
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Re: MJBT - 09/17/02 09:15 AM


Congrats on cashing in!

It does my heart good to read a highly descriptive post from a youth bowler. You're obviously well versed on the complexity of our sport.

Wrist gave out? What lead you to believe that was your problem? Did you loose revs?
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Congrats and well done!!!

May that be a start for many more to come for you!

Good luck and good bowling!

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thanx guys. and what led me to believe that was it was because my wrist was in soo much pain I couldn't even stay under the ball and get revs on it, aspirin did nothing, and i thought my brace was left back home where i work but it was actually in my bag, i found that out after i was done bowling. LOL
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Re: MJBT - 10/22/02 04:30 PM

well i just bowled another MJBT event in Brooklyn Park on Sun, I would of qualified if it wasn't for my last game but i shot a 1804 over 9games, about a 200avg which is what my goal was. Came back to my house the next day and shot a 609 so im finally pullin my head outta my a**.
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Re: MJBT - 10/22/02 08:54 PM

Belated congrats, and go get them next time out!!