YABA rules

Posted by: usr bin geek

YABA rules - 02/17/01 11:35 PM

What rules do you think the YABA should adopt or drop?
Posted by: Rocket Jr Coordinator

Re: YABA rules - 02/21/01 03:04 PM

I'd like YABA to adopt a completely separate collegiate divsion for bowlers 18-22. While they should continue to bowl for scholarships if they choose not to go adult, I would prefer to keep them separate from the true youth bowlers.
Posted by: VUbowl

Re: YABA rules - 02/24/01 01:17 PM

I don't feel that the collegiate bowlers that choose to stay in YABA should be penalized by not allowing them to participate in ALL YABA activities and tournaments. That's exactly the reason they stay YABA and the problem with having a separate division is there isn't enough college bowlers sanctioned YABA to do it. Currently the majority of college bowlers sanction through ABC or WIBC so that they can participate in adult tournaments and leagues for money. We have spent many years trying to encourage our youth bowlers to STAY in bowling at that age level, 18-21, and to do something like isolating them from the rest of YABA would be detrimental to both sides.
Gary Sparks
Asst. Prof. Bowling Industry Management
Varsity Bowling Coach
Vincennes University
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Re: YABA rules - 03/20/01 01:52 PM

Here'e the problem I have with the YABA rules: Why is that my son, who has chosen to remain YABA, can bowl with ABC/WIBC bowlers in collegiate bowling but if he were to throw 1 ball in an adult league, he would be done as a youth bowler. Isn't there an inconsistency with the rule here?