Posted by: Jock

WEBER CUP - 10/05/09 09:04 AM

Anyone get to see this over the weekend?

A great competition.

Europe beat the USA 17 - 11 (for once)

An Englishman bowling for Europe (Dominic Barret) beat Pete Weber (242/215) Tommy Jones (257/171) and Chris Barnes (234/190).

The USA are ahead 6 - 4 after 10 years.

You can see the results here
Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: WEBER CUP - 10/05/09 09:31 AM

Thanks Jock. I saw NO press on this event over here.
Posted by: Jock

Re: WEBER CUP - 10/05/09 10:32 AM

It's really a shame.

This is roughly equivalent to Golf's Ryder Cup.

There is usually some kind soul who uploads the matches onto you tube shortly afterwards.

There are some really good Weber Cup games from former years on you tube. I recently watched the game from last years Weber Cup where Jason Couch beat Paul Moor 256/246. An execellent game to watch the two leftys go at it.