Local tournament at new center

Posted by: cgeorg

Local tournament at new center - 09/11/09 02:13 PM

All I can say is ouch. The pattern was... The management at the center was apparently out to make a point, and they made it. Of 4 squads, only one had more than 4 people over par at the end of 4 games. Cuts ranged from +2 to -37.

My wrap-up:

Some info on the tournament site:

Aside to admins: do posts advertising tournaments get removed after the tourney occurs? I had posted about this one here earlier, and I don't see the post any more.
Posted by: Joe Bowler

Re: Local tournament at new center - 09/11/09 03:20 PM

I wish the bowling center was closer. I like the grind-em-out shots.