Joined the ABT

Posted by: eastwest

Joined the ABT - 11/16/08 05:17 PM

Just a quick note for fellow ABT members... I joined the "tour" last week and am looking forward to bowling in some better tourneys than the local Bowl America ones, etc. The head of the local ABT chapter has been very accommodating and informative.
Posted by: Calvin Pistorio

Re: Joined the ABT - 11/16/08 06:54 PM

Good luck in the tournaments you enter. I've thought about it, but the closest chapters are either down near D.C or up in Philadelphia.
Posted by: eastwest

Re: Joined the ABT - 11/17/08 10:14 AM

Thanks cal. You know a lot of the DC chapter tourneys are bowled in Maryland, right?
Posted by: AmpleSound

Re: Joined the ABT - 11/17/08 10:23 AM

I'm a member of Denver ABT, welcome to the "club" lol!
Posted by: Brandon510

Re: Joined the ABT - 11/17/08 10:40 AM

Good Luck! Should get a lot of Tournment experience on different condtions. If i had weekends off from work i would think about joining, but my work schedule right now doesnt allow it.
Posted by: General Pounder

Re: Joined the ABT - 11/17/08 10:54 AM

I did an ABT here in Chicago about 5 or 6 years ago. I remember using my Red Pearl Shadow playing about 22 board out to 12 cause it was reverse block. Not a fun time.
Posted by: Russ I.

Re: Joined the ABT - 11/17/08 12:12 PM

I was in the ABT about 7-8 years ago.
Did great in the first one winning some pots (paid for a new ball). Then didn't do so hot for awhile. I had one tourney in Lyons Il and was leading after the first day (735 scratch) Came in the second day to bone dry lanes and ended up 36th out of 36. Terrible! Never placed well again.
Posted by: ExBronxiteBowler

Re: Joined the ABT - 11/17/08 01:10 PM

Good luck with the ABT, I tried to join quite a few years ago, and was denied since I was over 200 at that time (late 70's, early 80's) Ended up joining the KBC instead and won a tornment with 3 second place finishes.. bowled mostly in Northern NJ since it was easier to get there on a Sunday afternoon than trying to get out to Long Island, and fight the traffic on either the Southern State or the LIE back to Staten Island
Posted by: Calvin Pistorio

Re: Joined the ABT - 11/17/08 06:54 PM

I knew some of the DC Tournaments were in Maryland close to DC last time I looked at it. After several years of traveling around the Capital Belt Way for work during the week, heading down to it for fun just isn't my idea of fun. At least now the gas prices would make it easier to attempt.
Posted by: eastwest

Re: Joined the ABT - 11/18/08 10:03 AM

Thanks for the kind words, guys.

Cal - Yeah I feel your pain with having put all the beltways miles under your belt. I'll only be bowling local VA tourneys with the exception of maybe a couple MD events a year (if they're close). I believe there are some Bowie events, but I dunno if that's close to you. Will you be making it out to the ESPN telecast at Country Lanes in December?
Posted by: 30 Clean

Re: Joined the ABT - 11/18/08 02:44 PM

eastwest: Congrats and good luck.
Posted by: eastwest

Re: Joined the ABT - 11/18/08 03:48 PM

Posted by: Calvin Pistorio

Re: Joined the ABT - 11/18/08 06:01 PM

I think the closest to me the DC branch of ABT gets to me is either Ft Meade or where it will be this weekend at AMF Southdale lanes, which either of them are about 40+ minutes from me.

I'd like to make it over to Country Club Lanes for the telecast. I've been unable to do it the past couple of years due to financial difficulties at the time. This year definitely looks better since I'm saving a ton on gas not having to put a $100 into my truck every week. Man I just realized its only a couple weeks away, I think this week I might want to try to get a ticket for it.
Posted by: eastwest

Re: Joined the ABT - 11/18/08 06:39 PM

Yeah 40 mins is quite a haul. I can understand not wanting to make that drive.

Yeah the telecast snuck up on me as well! I purchased a ticket last week ( )
Posted by: Calvin Pistorio

Re: Joined the ABT - 11/18/08 08:57 PM

I believe they can be purchased at Country Club as well. I've been wanting to head over there since my pro shop is there, just to check out what they might have in.