Maryland bowlers

Posted by: mkee19

Maryland bowlers - 04/28/08 09:41 PM

Who is going to states, and what dates. I'm going on May 10th. It would be nice to maybe say wassup to a few of yall if you're bowling that day.
Posted by: Calvin Pistorio

Re: Maryland bowlers - 04/28/08 10:00 PM

I wish I was bowling it, but once again work dropped off enough to make it not feasible again this year. I'm hoping next year to be able to do it. With the way I've been bowling recently I guess its a good thing I'm not.
Posted by: mkee19

Re: Maryland bowlers - 04/28/08 10:09 PM

I used to think that also, but you never know what happens once you get there. The shot may just be what you need and you can score big. I've seen plenty of guys who are in a slump or have lower avgs go in and shoot big scores, I'm sure you've seen the same.
Posted by: CoachJim

Re: Maryland bowlers - 04/28/08 10:11 PM

I am still not able to bowl, where is it at this year?

Good Luck to any and all who bowl in it, knock a few down for me.
Posted by: Calvin Pistorio

Re: Maryland bowlers - 04/28/08 10:33 PM

Its at Elk Lanes in Elkton this year, way up in Cecil County. If it was a tad closer I might have went to watch some.