USBC Masters in Las Vegas 2009

Posted by: tweety/ Mr. Tweety

USBC Masters in Las Vegas 2009 - 01/11/08 06:31 PM

I'm looking forward to it. I imagine it will cost an arm and leg though. Just thought I would drop a line about it,if I can work it out to go I definetly will. I wonder since it says it will be in Feb. in Vegas, I wonder if that will change when they will be in Reno?? Shall definetly keep an eye on the reports.
sidenote Erin i did see you on the re-air of the reno stop.I was down below on the side of the approach and we were wearing dark grey shirts.
Posted by: kagekikr

Re: USBC Masters in Las Vegas 2009 - 01/30/08 04:52 AM

After years of saying, "maybe next year," to the USBC Open Tourney, I will begin saying "probably next year!" Talking with some of my fellow teammates, we are looking at 2009 in Las "what happens in Vegas, stays in" Vegas. Though I am trying to assemble a team of versatile players, I am ulimately concerned with having a group of bowlers that I know will try their best and that I can have a good time with, regardless of how we are scoring. I have heard many horror stories about lane conditions at Nationals, and I look forward to the challenge. Does anyone know how soon we will be able to enter?
Posted by: General Pounder

Re: USBC Masters in Las Vegas 2009 - 01/30/08 02:13 PM


I have heard that with the amount of entries that they are expecting for Vegas, they are offering entries to the teams for NM first. I am guessing that Vegas will have the highest turnout ever. I haven't heard about when the entries open for it though. Contact the USBC. They are normally pretty responsive.
Posted by: kagekikr

Re: USBC Masters in Las Vegas 2009 - 01/31/08 01:22 AM

Thanks General, I will do that.