Weber Cup 2006

Posted by: Frostbreath

Weber Cup 2006 - 10/20/06 07:52 AM

The time has come for the 7th annual competition between Europe and the U.S.A. It's going to be a great tournament this year, since the U.S has lost the three most recent years, and captain Tim Mack says that hell jump on Tommy Jones' shirt if they lose this year again. You guys don't even have to guess which side i'm pulling for grin

For those who have Sky Sports 3, you can watch the event live. And record it and uh, put on Youtube or something so i can view it too wink

The official site:

At 7 pm... it begins
Posted by: Black Jack

Re: Weber Cup 2006 - 10/20/06 10:07 PM

Paul Moor (England) threw 300 to win the first game, other than that nothing too special, USA lead 4-2 after the first day.

I would say the quality of bowling so far looks way better, most bowlers hitting 250+. I still don't know why Moor doesn't give the PBA a crack, he's been dominant in Europe and England for quite a few years now.
Posted by: Atochabsh

Re: Weber Cup 2006 - 10/21/06 03:19 AM

I still don't know why Moor doesn't give the PBA a crack, he's been dominant in Europe and England for quite a few years now.

Maybe he doesn't want to be an ocean away from his family and other obligations.

And once you get to the US, its very expensive to follow the tour from stop to stop. The distances between stops are enormous. Plus the issues of getting a visa to be in the US and earn money over a period of time. Its complicated.

Posted by: Atochabsh

Re: Weber Cup 2006 - 10/21/06 12:54 PM

Frostbreath, please keep up updated. I don't get anything on ESPN or ESPN2 (our sports channels) about it.

Posted by: Frostbreath

Re: Weber Cup 2006 - 10/21/06 03:08 PM

No problem, Erin.

It's looking grim for Europe. After round two it's 4-8 to US, and they don't seem to show any signs of giving it up. Moor is doing awesome, rolling a 277. His point, and Koivuniemi/Torgersen's victory added their score to 4, but the americans are gaining points alot faster.

It's still a long run to go. Round three is about to begin.
Posted by: Black Jack

Re: Weber Cup 2006 - 10/21/06 09:27 PM

It's 12-6 now and things do look very grim indeed... on the bright-side we won a baker!!!
Posted by: Black Jack

Re: Weber Cup 2006 - 10/22/06 07:54 PM

And a USA win, 18-17, unfortunately Tore Torgenson left a split in the ninth, allowing the USA to shut Europe out. Up until that point Europe lead... dissappointing for me (especially since I bowl with Paul) but at least the European team made it respectable (after the first day I though the USA would walk it
Posted by: Atochabsh

Re: Weber Cup 2006 - 10/22/06 11:53 PM

I"m looking forward to seeing it on TV. Hopefully we'll get some of it over here.

Posted by: Black Jack

Re: Weber Cup 2006 - 10/23/06 10:50 AM

The camera angle of the players was really awful, which annoyed me because as a cranker I was trying to watch Tommy Jones to see what he did and why he was so great. Luckily I got to go see it with a few friends so that was good.
Posted by: vmehra

Re: Weber Cup 2006 - 10/23/06 05:29 PM

The camera work wasn't always great, but in fairness, better than usual for bowling on Sky!
Posted by: 7string

Re: Weber Cup 2006 - 10/23/06 08:00 PM

I had the privilege of being in Barnsley to watch this competition. The atmosphere was electric !!

To see these guys close-up was a real education. Also, as well as giving congratulations to the US Team, the way they handled themselves during the whole weekend with great dignity and sportsmanship (especially captain Tim Mack) should also be applauded !!
Posted by: Graham Hales

Re: Weber Cup 2006 - 10/25/06 12:22 PM

We were lucky enough to see your star players at this event in the UK. Half-way through it was all United States, with Europe playing only for pride we thought. Then a tremendous comeback, eventually taking the lead having won nearly ten matches on the trot. Down to nerves, luck, guts, Europe needed to win one of the last two games, US won them both, couldn't have been closer.

Tommy Jones, Chris Barnes and Jason Couch were impressive, both in attitude and ability. Koivuniemi, playing for Europe started badly, having lost his balls on AirFrance, ended as the best player probably. UKs Paul Moor started with a 300, then a 277, ought to have a go at being a pro.

If US had lost not sure what who you would have brought in for the next one. It was a match you couldn't afford to lose really, but would have done so gracefully, your players were so respectful.

Well done, hope you managed to see it on the tv over there. Very late finish in Barnsley, the journey home was awful, only because of the weather, not the result. Congratulations, hope to see more stars from America next time, a privilege to see them this year.
Posted by: Black Jack

Re: Weber Cup 2006 - 10/25/06 07:23 PM

Yeah, it was really great. If the pro's keep doing it I doubt Europe will ever win it again, I thought the USA did fairly badly all considering.
Posted by: Graham Hales

Re: Weber Cup 2006 - 10/27/06 12:28 PM

I think what I saw gave everyone hope. Bit like watching Tiger Woods in the Ryder Cup, not what was expected, not the golf god he seemed to be, especially his first shot this year. Europe don't have much more up their sleeves, guess US do. If Tommy Jones is the best, then the rest are not too far behind. Nerves can do strange things, he got better as the matches went on.

When I started bowling about ten years ago Tim Mack stood head and shoulders above most I was able to see (amateurs only), he hooked the ball more, bowled faster, had a more aggressive attitude. Now, he is joined by many, not so unique anymore. Asian players, although strokers, seem to be better than most. Jason Belmonti is as good as anyone. Paul Moor by far the best in Europe and I would say as good as anyone in the world. Guess it is up to America to get him over there to test him out, throw him against the best there and see how he does. Bit like boxing, all well and good having all those titles, only worth anything until pitted against the best around. Remember Lennox Lewis, he was nothing until allowed to fight the best in America, and look what happened. I guess it is a draw between him and Paul Moor, one-game-each, joint world-champions... until next year.

What I would suggest is America inviting all the best amatuers they can find to try out against your best, see how they do, a sort of world series. I'm waffling now, time to go. If it did ever happen it would be brilliant to see on tv over this side of the pond. We never, ever see your best bowlers. I had not heard of Tommy Jones, thought it might be Tom Jones of Delilah, [censored] Bomb fame (Tom has more hair so I know it wasn't him!)
Posted by: Black Jack

Re: Weber Cup 2006 - 11/07/06 05:25 PM

Tommy Jones was for me the best player to watch, technically very sound for a cranker and a real education in how a cranker can still have great fundamentals and a smooth style with minimal force. Watching Paul Moor was great, although I bowl in the same league as him every friday and he's never THAT impressive, however he seems to be much better under pressure in my opinion. I still think he should give the PBA a go for a year or so.
Posted by: marissis

Re: Weber Cup 2006 - 11/11/06 11:21 AM

the match was great, but i have a question, do you think the match was fixed? only when we were there we overheard an official say "it would be funny if it went down to the last game"
and this was on day2 morning. have been told that previous matchroom games has been fixed?what do you think?
Posted by: Black Jack

Re: Weber Cup 2006 - 12/03/06 02:33 PM

I actually think that it might've been fixed... in retrospect some of the players missed spares at awfully convenient times.