New to competition bowling

Posted by: kcassel

New to competition bowling - 09/22/06 09:17 PM

Allright, here it is. For the past year and a half, I have been bowling once or twice a week (usually with my 6 year old son). I think I have a half way decent arsenal so far(Absolute Inferno, Schorchin Inferno, Columbia Blue Dot). Anyway, last night I went to my local alley to watch some tournament play and within 10 minutes I was hit up to join a team. I was soo scared I would let these guys down but I went for it anyway. It didn't take long for the anxiety to subside and I had a great time. A couple of the guys were suggesting that I purchase a less aggressive ball to add to my collection. Any suggestions?
Posted by: Atochabsh

Re: New to competition bowling - 09/22/06 09:38 PM

The Brunswick Punisher might be what you need. Perhaps a Brunswick Rampage or Ambush if you can find them.

Posted by: Brandon510

Re: New to competition bowling - 09/24/06 02:00 AM

Dont you love bowling people are deffinelty friendly and even your competion is i love the atmosphere. Yes you probally want something less aggressive for lanes that are broken down or say for of medium oil-light lanes. Smoking Infereno says it works on med-med oil lanes. The Rampage is good also.