2019 USBC Open Championship's Las Vegas

Posted by: dalion

2019 USBC Open Championship's Las Vegas - 04/02/19 03:50 PM

The championships is under way. I'l be heading out there in about 2 weeks. I've heard people are playing up the 10 board

Also noticed they just announced that 2022 will be in Houston
Posted by: dalion

Re: 2019 USBC Open Championship's Las Vegas - 04/29/19 11:19 AM

Bowled this event recently. Shot is playable. For me the issue was avoiding the outside. I actually bowled worse than last year and the year before. I had 5 games 198 or above, problem was the other 4 games were bad, a pair of 130's an a pair of 140's.

Team event is a shorter pattern than dbls/singles. My main problem w/ it was that I went in trying to play down an in. I wasted 2 games trying to find something in that area of the lane before giving up an moving over to left. The wall of oil that surrounds the 2nd arrow, all the way down to the tracer, *IF* you could keep your ball IN it, it would go nicely into the pocket at the end of the pattern. My problem was I could not keep it within. So I decided to play cross lane to get the ball to the tracer area and that worked. After my failed attempts to play down an in (130 game & 140 game) I finished team w/ a 214.

Doubles/singles has more oil an longer pattern so I had to use a stronger ball to again play across lane to get the ball to the tracer area, started a/ w 210. When it started hooking a lil more I mistakenly thought I could move right to catch a lil more oil. All that did was put back into the same crap I had experienced at the start of team, you get it too far it'll leave a wash or split, so that screwed up my doubles set w/ another 140 game. So then I started chasing it left an bowled better, w/ another 210. Started singles w/ some bad breaks, including a pocket 7 10 split, missed a few spares that I should of never missed so screwed up singles 2 w/ a 137. After that, kept chasing the pattern left an shot back to back 198's. Also had to change to a less aggressive ball an was literally out of room by the end as I had moved all the way left an was standing up against the ball return an throwing at the 4th arrow, or even just a bit to the left of it, when I had started throwing just to the right of the 4th arrow. The nice thing about playing in that area is if you did pull the ball a lil, it would go Brooklyn and not the left channel.

It was fun. I don't normally play that deep inside but it was fun trying. oddly enough my avg will remain 184 next year so wont be moving out of Regular division. Even though I only shot 1602, I was still the highest of our group of 15, which is suprising even to me. Our only other bowler whos in the Regular division was excited cuz next year he'll be bumped down to standard. We shot 2621 in team so that should cash and also I noticed they are posting low to cash already:


As always better luck next year
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Re: 2019 USBC Open Championship's Las Vegas - 05/23/19 02:15 AM

Bowled team event today. Didn't get to watch any of the team squads and did not get a practice in on the pattern so really wasn't sure how I was going to do. But I actually had success starting out with a down and in line with my Pyramid Antidote aiming at the tracer and started with a triple, then left a 6 pin followed by another triple. That's when I started having some trouble with the transition. Had 1 other lefty but he was throwing urethane which made things difficult the rest of the way, for both him and myself. Starting to think Phil Cardinale is 100% correct on urethane.

Still, my scores were quite respectable. Got out of the first game with 218 then went 192, 177 to finish with 587. Ended up trying to move outside and ball down to my Fanatic BTU Pearl but very touchy. A little too much speed and I was looking at a washout or a 1-3-6-10 or a 3-5-6-10. My spare shooting was good; all 4 of my opens came on splits or washouts (and converted 1 of my washouts as well) but too many 6 and 7 counts cost me a 600.

Doubles and singles tomorrow. I did get to watch some of the D/S so have an idea of where to play and what I need to do. Got my Radical Cash which worked well for me last year in D/S so hopefully I can get locked in and the transition won't be too bad. Goals are to get my first 600 set and 1800 all-events.
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Re: 2019 USBC Open Championship's Las Vegas - 05/26/19 11:58 PM

D/S didn't go as planned although I did not bowl all that badly. Aside from missing a few easy spares I actually held my own out there. Targeted pretty much the same area as the team event with my Cash and had a good look. The issue was my partner (also a lefty) was insistent on throwing urethane and the shot got worse as we went on. Started with a 185 (despite 3 opens) and felt pretty good after 208 in game 2. By game 3 things were starting to get a worse and I had to soften my speed to get the ball to hook up to the pocket. Had a few shots where I whiffed the headpin entirely leaving stuff like the 1,3,6 but was making my spares and put a few strikes together to finish with 193 and a 586 series. My partner with his urethane strategy shot 455.

Singles got worse with him sticking with urethane (actually he made a ball change, threw 1 shot with it, said it "didn't work" and went right back to urethane). brickwall. Had to keep moving left and keeping my breakpoint the same which meant I was pointing it at the pocket at that point. Good luck splitting hairs at 60 feet. Not many strikes and ended up shooting 180, 181, and 168 for 529. Frustrating.

Managed to break 1700 but being in the regular division won't get any money back. But still after having a few days to think about it, pretty proud of that given the circumstances. If you're going out there the advice I would have is you need to work together with the other handers if you're going to have a shot to do anything.
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Re: 2019 USBC Open Championship's Las Vegas - 07/04/19 04:43 PM

I just posted this in another thread, but figured it belonged here as well.

For starters, this was the most fun I've had at Nationals. Can't put my finger on exactly why. I hadn't bowled a single game since May 2018, so maybe it was just good to be back on the lanes. But I had a blast, and so did most of the team.

I got a last minute invitation to go, and even though I was sure I'd be rusty, I didn't hesitate to say yes. I put the two balls I still own on the spinner (a green Quantum and a blue Vibe), packed and hopped in the car for the quick four hour drive.

Team event seemed somewhat easy to me, after the first few frames. It broke down quickly, and consistently. There was plenty of free entry angle, but a definite out of bounds. I shot 549, with a clean 210 last game.

Doubles and singles played much tougher for all of us. Much more oil, that didn't break down nearly as quickly. We didn't execute a gameplan, and paid for it, with each game getting tougher. I shot 525 and 527 with a 208 last game that started with a four bagger.

I had 1601 for the tournament which is right at average for me (174 career average, and 175 average for last 27 games.) I think it will cash in standard division All-Events, if only for $20, and I also made enough profit in the brackets to buy a New Hammer Sauce on the way out. I loved the original and was excited to see a new on on display.

I'm pleased with my bowling considering I'd thrown exactly zero games in the previous 14 months.

I really like South Point and am looking forward to it returning in the future. But before that, its Reno next year! I'm looking forward to it already.
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Re: 2019 USBC Open Championship's Las Vegas - 07/09/19 12:12 AM

For those of you who follow the event, what do you think of this run by Higgy's Aquarium?

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