Summer House Tourney

Posted by: Dennis Michael

Summer House Tourney - 07/16/18 09:27 PM

My new house has a Bowler appreciation House tourney running ev Sunday thru July. You get one free entry for each league bowled in. I got 2 for Mon and thurs nites, and a possible 3rd for last Summer. It's a handicap tourney with your highest league average setting the cap.

I entered for last sunday squad. Felt good, and rolled good. On a house tournament 42' shot.

Started with a couple 240 games and a deuce. So, 760 total with cap. I rounded, don't remember exact scores, 23?, 24? and 199.

After 2 weeks, I'm in first. 760 finished 3rd the last 2 years. So, maybe in the money. $1000 first, 500 second, 300 3rd, and 200 4th. Thank you new house.

I do have 2 more tries if needed. I will wait til week 4 is over to see if I should try again. Can't go down, but can go up.
Posted by: explorer05

Re: Summer House Tourney - 07/21/18 12:27 PM

That sounds like fun. What house is it?
Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: Summer House Tourney - 07/21/18 04:35 PM

Arlington bowl.

This house caters to bowlers. 2 big Men's Leagues on Mon and thurs. Good payouts too.

And, the food is good and bar cheap.
Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: Summer House Tourney - 07/24/18 08:26 AM

Bowled a second time over the weekend. Shot average, which was not very good.

But, did watch as 2 bowlers shot higher then my previous total. They shot 779 and 778. So, I'm 3rd going into the final week.

Interesting though, a Monday teammate of mine shot a 300. Nice going. But, his series wasn't that high.
Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: Summer House Tourney - 08/28/18 11:05 AM

Final results posted.

I ended 4th. 779 first. 778 second. 775 third. And, my 770.

Dont know how much yet. Last year 4th took home $150.

Formal presentations on a league nite after Labor Day.

They disallowed my Summer average and used my Fall average for cap. I got an extra 10 pins. Hahaha, 3 pins per game.
Posted by: djp1080

Re: Summer House Tourney - 08/28/18 12:24 PM

Nice going Dennis.
Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: Summer House Tourney - 09/12/18 08:37 AM

that was the final, except, another bowler tied me for 4th. So, got $225 as the 4th place share. Cool, for a no cost tourney.