2017 World Championships (Men & Women)

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2017 World Championships (Men & Women) - 07/18/17 08:51 PM

This tournament has been rescheduled to the South Point Bowling Plaza, and, as a change from recent world championships, the first bulletin indicated that one oil pattern will be used for every event, instead of the two that has been customary.
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Re: 2017 World Championships (Men & Women) - 10/13/17 04:43 AM


The six women chosen to represent the US at the World Championships are Stefanie Johnson, Kelly Kulick, Danielle McEwan, Shannon O'Keefe, and Shannon Pluhowsky, all members of the team that took the team gold medal in 2015 in Abu Dhabi, along with World Championships first-timer Josie Barnes.

The men will have their training camp this month, and the men will be announced soon afterward.

Also, a newer bulletin indicates that a pattern from Bank #2 (medium length) will be used (link is to the World Bowling pattern library index). Marios Nicolaides will once again serve as World Bowling's technical delegate and has the final decision on the pattern used.
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Re: 2017 World Championships (Men & Women) - 10/24/17 07:35 PM


There will be a mix of experience and youth on the men's Team USA for the event, as veterans Chris Barnes, Tommy Jones, and Marshall Kent will be joined by first-timers Jacob Butturff, AJ Johnson, and Chris Via.
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Re: 2017 World Championships (Men & Women) - 11/25/17 01:58 PM

I'm acquainted with one of the female members of Team Canada, and she posted on Facebook (which I can't really link) that they're on the 39' Beijing (link to Kegel PDF) pattern.

The women are bowling their singles event today, with the men going tomorrow, and the medal rounds for both the men and women are early on Monday.
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Re: 2017 World Championships (Men & Women) - 11/27/17 03:33 PM

Singles results...


Gold: Xander van Mazijk (NED)
Silver: Wu Hao-Ming (TPE)
Bronze: Israel Hernandez (PUR), Tobias Boerding (GER)

Refer to http://event.worldbowling.org/dynamic/squads.asp?tournament=55&gametype=1 for full scores


Gold: Futaba Imai (JPN)
Silver: Mai Ginge Jensen (DEN)
Bronze: Hong Haeni (KOR), Chan Shuk Han (HKG)

Refer to http://event.worldbowling.org/dynamic/squads.asp?tournament=56&gametype=1 for full scores

Tough start for the USA, as they were shut out of the medals in both men's & women's singles. Men's doubles today, women's doubles and both medal rounds tomorrow.
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Re: 2017 World Championships (Men & Women) - 11/29/17 12:52 PM

Doubles results...


Gold: Chris Barnes/Tommy Jones (USA)
Silver: Kwun Ho Lau/Eric Tseng (HKG)
Bronze: Tayuka Miyazawa/Shota Kouki (JPN), Niko Oksanen/Petteri Salonen (FIN)

Refer to http://event.worldbowling.org/dynamic/squads.asp?tournament=55&gametype=2 for full results


Gold: Jung Dawun/Kim Moonjeong (KOR)
Silver: Li Jane Sin/Shalin Zulkifli (MAS)
Bronze: Danielle McEwan/Kelly Kulick (USA), Josie Barnes/Shannon O'Keefe (USA)

Refer to http://event.worldbowling.org/dynamic/squads.asp?tournament=56&gametype=2 for full results

A national team's depth starts to show as you add bowlers to the teams, and the USA had a better showing in doubles, winning three of the available medals, including the men's gold. Danielle McEwan & Kelly Kulick were the reigning world women's doubles champions.

Men's all-events standings

Tommy Jones is in a medal position for men's all-events after doubles, and AJ Johnson would be the other American in the Masters (which I'm not sure of the format for).

Women's all-events standings

Different story for the women, as no American woman is in the all-events medals and Danielle McEwan the only one in the top 8 (for the Masters).

Trios for both the men and women will be taking place over these two days, with two days of team to follow, and the medal rounds for both trios and team will take place Sunday. The trios and team medal rounds, as well as the Masters, will be shown live on the new Olympic Channel.
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Re: 2017 World Championships (Men & Women) - 11/30/17 01:30 PM

Men's trios Block 1 results

Americans Chris Via, Jacob Butturff, and AJ Johnson weren't far off of 4th place, but Marshall Kent, Chris Barnes, and Tommy Jones (25th) struggled.

Women's trios Block 1 results

Block 1 for the women saw Shannon O'Keefe, Danielle McEwan, and Kelly Kulick in 2nd and Josie Barnes, Shannon Pluhowsky, and Stefanie Johnson in 18th.
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Re: 2017 World Championships (Men & Women) - 12/01/17 01:05 PM

Men's trios qualifying results

The American men were shut out of the medals in trios, with three Asian teams plus Finland bowling for the medals on Sunday. Japan is the top seed.

Women's trios qualifying results

American women (Shannon O'Keefe, Danielle McEwan, Kelly Kulick) are the top seed for women's trios and face Indonesia in the semifinals.

Men's all-events standings

American AJ Johnson is 2nd in men's all-events after trios, and also of note is that Australian Jason Belmonte is inside the Masters cut.

Women's all-events standings

American Danielle McEwan sits in the gold medal spot in women's all-events after trios, with Kelly Kulick also inside the Masters cut.

I had a look at the schedule for Masters day, and it does appear that it will be double-elimination match play of some sort.

Team (of five) qualifying for both the men and women runs these next two days, with the medal rounds on Sunday, after trios.
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Men's team standings after first block

Team of five is the highlight event of a world championships, and tomorrow's second day should prove exciting for the men, as the USA is only a pin ahead of Canada for the final medal spot after the first block. Chinese Taipei leads, followed by Colombia and Australia.

Women's team standings after first block

The American women are second after the first block, trailing Malaysia by 105 pins, with Sweden and Indonesia rounding out the top four.
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Re: 2017 World Championships (Men & Women) - 12/04/17 11:36 AM

Going to skip Day 2 of team and go right to the medal results, with trios first...


Gold: Hong Kong 2
Silver: Chinese Taipei 1
Bronze: Japan 2, Finland 1

Results PDF


Gold: USA 1
Silver: Germany 1
Bronze: Chinese Taipei 2, Indonesia 2

Results PDF

USA won its second gold medal of the world championships in women's trios. Now to team...


Gold: USA
Silver: Chinese Taipei
Bronze: Colombia, Denmark

Results PDF


Gold: Malaysia
Silver: Singapore
Bronze: Colombia, Korea

Results PDF

The American men made good on their gold medal, but it was a heartbreaker for the women, as they missed the cut to the medal round by only two pins. It also appeared that they changed the format for the medal round in team event, making it best-of-three.

All-Events now...


Gold: Wu Hao-Ming (TPE)
Silver: Petteri Salonen (FIN)
Bronze: AJ Johnson (USA)

Full results


Gold: Danielle McEwan (USA)
Silver: Siti Safiyah (MAS)
Bronze: Tsai Hsin-Yi (TPE)

Full results

AJ Johnson was the only American man advancing to the Masters, while Kelly Kulick joined gold medalist Danielle McEwan for the women.
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Re: 2017 World Championships (Men & Women) - 12/05/17 11:42 AM

Masters results...


Gold: Francois Lavoie (CAN)
Silver: Xu Zhe-Jia (TPE)
Bronze: Andres Gomez (COL), Thomas Larsen (DEN)

Results PDF


Gold: Jung Dawun (KOR)
Silver: Sin Li Jane (MAS)
Bronze: Shayna Ng (SGP), Sharon Limansantoso (INA)

Results PDF

They actually took the usual 24 for the Masters, but the format was single-elimination match play with the top 8 in all-events getting a one-round bye. That meant, additionally, that Chris Barnes was in the Masters for the men, and Josie Barnes for the women.

The men have their separate world championships next year in Hong Kong.
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Didn't see this until today, but Jeff Richgels reported that Shannon O'Keefe had to pay an emergency room visit before the trios medal round with complications from a kidney stone, and her decision to bowl came literally minutes before medal round practice. She would eventually bowl a 238 game in the gold medal match vs. Germany, which will undoubtedly go down as one of the most legendary performances in world championships history.