Bowled our City Association Tournament Today

Posted by: rrb6699 (RayRay)

Bowled our City Association Tournament Today - 02/14/16 09:03 PM

Well, I shot 798 in doubles and started singles with 258 but noticed my thumb skin starting to tear up and found out my spare ball was the culprit. somehow a small chip inside the hole on the side occurred. turned very painful and affected my focus. shot a painful 655 and won most of the brackets but should have done much better. I'm gonna prepare better for this next time by havin NuSkin in my bag. never saw this one coming. gonna super smooth out my spare ball thumb with an orbital sander that will now have a permanent spot in one of my bbags pockets from now on.
Posted by: 6_ball_man

Re: Bowled our City Association Tournament Today - 02/15/16 09:03 AM

I ALWAYS carry a battery driven Dremel tool for just this kinda thing. I do not need to use it much, but boy what a difference it makes when I need it.

Open irritations I repair with super glue rather than nuskin - nuskin contains acetone, which stings unmercifully. I find super glue does a better job, and stings less....just make sure it is dry before putting fingers into a ball LoL