2015 World Bowling Women's Championships

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2015 World Bowling Women's Championships - 10/23/15 12:02 AM

The world championships for the women will take place Dec. 5-14 at the Khalifa International Bowling Centre in Abu Dhabi, which was the site of last year's men's world championships. The official site for the tournament has been linked here.

Recently, the American squad for the tournament was announced on Bowl.com: Liz Johnson, Stefanie Johnson, Kelly Kulick, Shannon O'Keefe, Shannon Pluhowsky, and recent PWBA Tour Championship winner Danielle McEwan, making her world championships debut.

The USBC will be streaming the entire event live on BowlTV, their YouTube channel. If the men's championships set any precedent, Abu Dhabi TV will make their HD feed available to the USBC for this, so the stream quality will be excellent.

Also, for lane conditions, a pattern from the WTBA long bank will be used for singles, short for doubles, and both for all other events (trios, team of five, and Masters). The specific patterns will be revealed at the team managers' meeting prior to the start of official practice.
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Re: 2015 World Bowling Women's Championships - 12/10/15 12:38 AM

Tournament got here quicker than I thought, so I'll try to catch up...

Singles medals:

Gold: Jeon Eunhee (KOR)
Silver: Cherie Tan (SIN)
Bronze: Hwang Yeonju (KOR), Shayna Ng (SIN)

Match results:

Semifinal 1: Jeon Eunhee def. Shayna Ng 266-238
Semifinal 2: Cherie Tan def. Hwang Yeonju 250-160
Gold medal: Jeon def. Tan 279-189

Liz Johnson was the top American (6th).

Trios medals:

Gold: Korea 2 (Son Hyerin, Kim Jinsun, Baek Seungja)
Silver: Singapore 2 (Cherie Tan, Shayna Ng, Hui Fen New)
Bronze: USA 1 (Shannon Pluhowsky, Kelly Kulick, Liz Johnson), England 2 (Danni Hopcroft, Jo Allsebrook, Lisa John)

Match results:

Semifinal 1: Korea 2 def. USA 1 627-626
Semifinal 2: Singapore 2 def. England 2 625-567
Gold medal: Korea 2 def. Singapore 2 695-594

Current All-Events standings

Los Angeles (short) and Tokyo (long) have been the patterns selected for the tournament. Korea so far, as you've seen, has dominated, winning both gold medals and the US only managing a bronze in trios.

Doubles is in progress as I write.
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Re: 2015 World Bowling Women's Championships - 12/10/15 06:32 PM

Doubles medals:

Gold: Kelly Kulick & Danielle McEwan (USA)
Silver: Son Hyerin & Jeon Eunhee (KOR)
Bronze: Cherie Tan & Shayna Ng (SIN), Mai Ginge Jensen & Britt Brondsted (DEN)

Medal round results:

Semifinal 1: McEwan & Kulick def. Tan & Ng 453-412
Semifinal 2: Son & Jeon def. Jensen & Brondsted 444-422
Gold medal: McEwan & Kulick def. Son & Jeon 486-461

The Americans final broke Korea's stranglehold on the gold medals in doubles, with McEwan now having won a gold medal in her world championships debut.

Current All-Events standings

With just the six games in the team event remaining, Singapore would win gold and silver if all-events ended with doubles, with Liz Johnson in the bronze medal position. McEwan & Kulick would also qualify for the Masters.
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Re: 2015 World Bowling Women's Championships - 12/11/15 12:59 PM

Team standings after first block

The surprise of the day was that Korea wasn't even in medal round position after the first three games of the team event, but they're not far behind the Americans, who are in 4th. Germany leads, followed by Sweden and Singapore. The medal round will be early in the morning East Coast time.

Something I missed yesterday was that Joan Gonzalez of Venezuela had a 300 game during doubles qualifying.
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Re: 2015 World Bowling Women's Championships - 12/12/15 03:16 PM

Team medals:

Gold: USA
Silver: Korea
Bronze: Germany, Singapore

Medal round results:

Semifinal 1: Korea def. Germany 1195-1087
Semifinal 2: USA def. Singapore 1105-1026
Gold medal: USA def. Korea 1168-1060

The gold medal match was memorable not because it was close, but because of Liz Johnson's 300 game in it anchoring the Americans. Korea also struggled with ball reaction most of the match.

Karen Marcano of Venezuela also had a 300 game during the second block of qualifying.

All-Events medals:

Gold: Shayna Ng (SIN)
Silver: Liz Johnson (USA)
Bronze: Jeon Eunhee (KOR)

Final all-events standings

Liz Johnson missed the all-events gold by just one pin. Americans Danielle McEwan and Kelly Kulick also qualified for the Masters, which will take place later as the final event of the world championships.
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Re: 2015 World Bowling Women's Championships - 12/13/15 10:09 PM

Masters medals:

Gold: Jung Dawun (KOR)
Silver: Liz Johnson (USA)
Bronze: Jeon Eunhee (KOR), Danielle McEwan (USA)

Medal round results:

Semifinal 1: Liz Johnson def. Danielle McEwan 238-213
Semifinal 2: Jung Dawan def. Jeon Eunhee 208-193
Gold medal: Jung def. Johnson 256-183

That Korea won three of the six gold medals available without most of their more experience bowlers was testimony to the depth in the Korean bowling program. The USA did win the most coveted gold medal (team), however, and Liz Johnson and Danielle McEwan had great weeks.

The next world championship event for adults is the World Singles Championships next December, which will take place in Doha, Qatar.