Lilac Tourney

Posted by: VampyreBowler

Lilac Tourney - 05/26/15 02:41 PM

Anyone from here going to Rochester, NY for the Lilac tourney?

Will be there Fathers Day weekend.
Posted by: Dylan585

Re: Lilac Tourney - 05/26/15 10:06 PM

I'm from Rochester... I want to do the tournament but I'm not sanctioned as an adult yet so I don't think I can... If I'm wrong about that someone please correct me
Posted by: Richie V.

Re: Lilac Tourney - 06/01/15 12:38 PM

Dylan, you're an eligible youth bowler until the season after your 20th birthday, but I think you can give up your youth eligibility on your own (no parental permission needed) and become an adult bowler at 18. I'll check with some people.
Posted by: Dylan585

Re: Lilac Tourney - 06/01/15 09:04 PM

Thanks Richie, I know I can give up my youth and I will in the fall but I was wanting to do a tourney this summer but wasn't sure if I could because I'm not technically sanctioned as adult yet