The Petersen

Posted by: General Pounder

The Petersen - 05/18/15 03:16 PM

I'm putting myself through the agony again in a few weeks. Just thought that I would start a thread for those who are bowling it (or have bowled it) this year. It moved again this year to River Grove. About a week or 2 after the tourney finished last year, the lanes that it was hosted at closed. The area where the tourney is at this year is pretty awesome. Anyone bowling it this year?
Posted by: General Pounder

Re: The Petersen - 06/05/15 10:10 AM

Just got a look at the squad I am bowling with this Sunday. Holy Bowlers Batman! I'll be lucky not to finish 32nd out of the 32 of us. A past winner of the tourney. A few people who have finished in the top 100 multiple times. Other guys who have won multiple regional titles. Oh, and Jeff Richgels. What the heck did I get myself into?

I'm thinking of keeping the bracket money in my pocket this year smile