Coach/Youth tournament

Posted by: Smooth Stroker

Coach/Youth tournament - 04/14/13 11:32 PM

I was fighting with myself as to where to put this post. I really didn't want to start my own thread. kind of bashful. Also, this tournament didn't post any results yet. I will get noticed in an email. I was in this tournament with three kids. I coach two of them and the third usually bowls with the bigger kids. I prefer to coach the younger kids. younger kids are fresh and aren't full of bad habits yet.

I bowled in a house that I'm not used to bowling in. I pulled out my Marvel Pearl. I had no idea what the conditions were. During practice, the lanes seemed to be hooking a lot in the backend. I tried the Marvel Pearl for a few frames and gave up quickly. I struck in the first frame on a Jersey strike ( I wonder what they call those in Jersey? ) Next frame was a washout. I then ran to the car and got my Natural out of the trunk. I figured the ball was made for just such a condition. I used the next few frames getting lined up. I started standing on 32 going over 15 at the arrows. Not enough backend. Soft 10 pin spare. Next shot I move over to 30 and 13. I leave a 4 pin spare. I move over to 25 and I go over 10 at the arrows. Keep my head nice and steady. No muscling. Solid release every time. Thumb nice and straight. What a difference. I got a 5 bagger then 10 pin spare 10 pin in the tenth frame for a 225.

Second game still with my Natural in the same spot. I was lined up and my mechanics were good. I got the first 7 strikes then left the 6-7-10 split. Struck in the ninth, 10 pin spare, strike for a 245.

Still in the same spot with my Natural. Started with a strike. Then got a 10 pin spare. Three bagger then I chopped the 6-10. Another three bagger to set up the tenth. I got the first strike in the tenth, then a blow out 7 pin spare for a 235. I was very proud of my 705 series. I jumped from swinging the ball over the 4th arrow to going very straight, for me, over the second arrow with my Natural.

I made all of my 10 pins and this was my 3rd straight 700 series, even though I'm not bowling in a league right now. I'm feeling very good about my bowling now.