Thai Open 2013, how do we read lanes ?

Posted by: Rajjesh

Thai Open 2013, how do we read lanes ? - 04/12/13 02:20 PM

Hello Everyone,

I am not a very high scoring player (though have been trying for long frown

I am going to play Thai Open, and was wondering what kind of ball surface would you recommend and what should be the break point, and if Possible why, so that I could also learn eventually on how to read the lanes smile

All help would be really appreciated, and if people are there, let us catch up one of the tournament days, and dinner would be on me smile

Posted by: CoachJim

Re: Thai Open 2013, how do we read lanes ? - 04/13/13 04:15 PM

Do you know what kind of lanes the pattern will be put on, Wood or synthetic, if it is synthetic, what brand, brunswick, AMF, or some other brand. If the lanes are wood, there is a reason so many bowlers from that region throw the helicopter spinner, it is because the lanes are sometimes not in very good shape and throwing the spinner with a light ball will take the lanes and the conditioner out of play.

Assuming the lanes are synthetic and in decent condition the shot should play between the 7 and 10 board at 40 feet which is where the reflection of the rake hits the lane. You will find that there is a good amount of oil and you will need to use an aggressive ball to start off with, then move in and switch to weaker equipment as the shot breaks down. Find a spot at 40ft between the 7 and 10 board, and line up to play straight up the 7 or board in warm ups and see if the ball hooks before it gets there, if it does the shot will play easier and you may have some room to the outside of the 7 board, if not and the ball squirts all the way to the pins then you need a more aggressive ball, less speed, more wrist, or all of the above.

Best of luck, post back and let us know how you do and how the lanes played.