Tournaments in NJ ?

Posted by: ldickersonc

Tournaments in NJ ? - 01/19/13 06:38 PM

Hey, i'm in new jersey and trying to find some tournaments to bowl in. None of the centers are very good at posting or updating online announcements. Anyone know a good resource for this?
Posted by: VFF57

Re: Tournaments in NJ ? - 01/19/13 09:39 PM

If your in the South Jersey area there's the 70th Annual SJBA Championships Tournament coming up early March which I plan on entering:

If it's out of your area check with your local association. The state also hosts some tournaments here:

There's also ABT tournaments, but you need to be a member which involves a yearly membership fee:

Also check with the centers/Pro Shops in your area because they sometimes host events. That's about all I can think of right now...