Trip to Paris

Posted by: Joe Bowler

Trip to Paris - 01/18/13 08:33 AM

This weekend, I am planning a trip to Paris. Nope, not the country, but a tournament with that 47-foot oil pattern. Below is a link to the pattern graph.

I am really hoping it plays like the pattern graph. If it does, it will be a rare opportunity to play straight inside of 15 on 47 feet of oil. That is uncharted territory for most lefties.

It will also be an excellent opportunity to test a theory I have about matching higher RG equipment to longer length patterns. If you think of covers, cores, and layouts in terms of releasing their energy early and slowly (solid, low RG, pin down) versus later and all at once (pearl, high RG, pin up), then I am thinking higher RG matches up better to longer patterns. Why burn up a solid, low RG ball's energy when it has virtually no chance of hooking any earlier? Why not save the punch for the end? That means starting off with what are considered the weakest balls in my arsenal on one of the longest patterns. I know that contradicts conventional wisdom, so it will be an interesting test.

I will know quickly from other bowler's ball reaction and my first few test shots in practice whether this strategy might work. I am expecting that 15 -> 5 will not make it back to the pocket. Nor, will 20 -> 10. Where I expect to have the best chance of scoring is 25 -> 15, then adjust 2:1 from there. That is a very tight, straight line, and I am sure it will feel like bowling in a phone booth since I am not used to that. But, it will be fun trying something different. The 3 balls I expect to get the most use of on this pattern are my Ascent Solid, Ascent Pearl (both high RG, low Diff), and Primal Impulse (high RG, high Diff) once the lanes open up.

One other thing I will have to watch is right handers playing 20 or deeper, using the same oil as the lefties. We'll see what happens...
Posted by: FruitFly

Re: Trip to Paris - 01/18/13 08:54 AM

I'm sure you'll get the french to surrender laugh

Good luck with your theory.
I really don't think it contradicts anything, as long as you don't try to swing it and bring it I'd fund your research if I had the money smile
Posted by: Joe Bowler

Re: Trip to Paris - 01/18/13 09:46 AM

Thanks for the vote of confidence, FruitFly. Where I think using a polished, higher RG, pin up ball on a longer pattern contradicts conventional wisdom is that most bowler's reaction when their ball does not hook as much or as soon as they expect is to go in the bag for something stronger with more surface to try to make it hook like normal from their favorite starting and target position. I expect there will be some bowlers rolling high performance snow balls (sanded to the max) at the tournament for this reason. Instead, if the pattern plays as expected, and my strategy works, I will be shooting darts across the middle, with an entry level, polished pearl ball.
Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: Trip to Paris - 01/18/13 10:43 AM

You may also find success by playing straight up 6-8. I know I gravitate to that line on longer shots. It's much more controllable and you eliminate the over-under in the shot.

It's where I start on our House 44' shot until the lane opens. Then, you can go to your regular comfort zone with the out and in shot.
Posted by: Joe Bowler

Re: Trip to Paris - 01/18/13 10:59 AM

Thanks for the suggestion, Dennis. The 47-foot Paris pattern graph looks pretty flat 2-10. The area of increasing oil appears to be 11-17, then it flattens out again, 18-20. It will be interesting to see how it plays, and if there are any significant changes in the pattern over the course of 6 games.
Posted by: champ

Re: Trip to Paris - 01/18/13 11:12 AM

I like your line of thinking Joe, as I always assume its better to use whatever the oil pattern gives you as an asset rather than to fight it and turn it into something its not. I'm curious however if you'll be able to get your ball to get into a roll soon enough. 47 feet of skid only allows 13 feet to hook and get into a strong roll. Just something I got to thinking about. Good luck, and let us know how it turns out.
Posted by: spillup24

Re: Trip to Paris - 01/18/13 11:17 AM

Paris is a very light oil pattern considering it's lenghth. The track area will be the best place to start.
Posted by: Joe Bowler

Re: Trip to Paris - 01/18/13 12:11 PM

Concerning the volume of oil, if my test shot 20 -> 10 makes it back to the pocket, and the oil depletes rather than carries down, I would expect scores to be much higher. It would still be a tight shot, but not as tight as 25 -> 15. And, there would be plenty of room to move inside into the heavier oil.

I was thinking I should bring my VersaMax sanded 1000/dull to give me four different High RG balls with different covers (2 solid, 2 pearl) and different Diffs (2 low, 2 high). And, I should bring my Raptor Talon sanded 500/dull just in case the guys rolling the snow balls open up the midlane, or if carrydown becomes a factor, or if it is just plain hard to get the ball into a roll on the backend (thanks, Champ). And, with my spare ball that makes six. I think I am ready, now.
Posted by: Kitten Latch

Re: Trip to Paris - 01/18/13 10:31 PM

I think the best two tips I can give you for paris is to

1. Don't use much surface, especially if you're not changing lanes much. The pattern breaks down very quickly, no need to run yourself through multiple bowling balls and changing alignments every 5 frames if you can avoid it.

2. For a lefty like yourself, stay as far to the left as you can while still scoring. Righties will start laying down inside of 14-15 (possibly inside 20 if they're silly) and migrate quickly. The longer you can go without running into their track the better off you'll be.

You look like you've got those two ideas on the mind already, so you should be in good shape. smile Good luck, it's a fun pattern, and typically high scoring.

Posted by: Joe Bowler

Re: Trip to Paris - 01/19/13 07:57 AM

Thanks for the tips, KL. I checked the sheet, and it is going to be 8 games across 16 lanes (oops, was thinking it was 6 games). With the lighter volume of oil, and changing pairs, the bowler who gets lined up quickly on each new pair, and stays out of trouble on the first few shots, will have an advantage.

I am planning to start with my weakest ball, an Ascent Pearl (Pearl, High RG, Low Diff, 4000/polished). That should at least keep me in the pocket while I get comfortable with the shot. If the backends are clean, and stay that way, I should be able to use that ball for at least a few games. If the pattern opens up on the left side, and I have to start moving feet and target inside, or I am hitting the pocket but not carrying, I will likely switch to the Primal Impulse (Pearl, High RG, High Diff, 4000/polished). The biggest difference is a higher Diff, which should give me more boom on the backend, and help make the turn from a deeper angle. If all goes well, I will finish with that ball. But, I will have a couple High RG solids with me, Ascent Solid (Low Diff, 1000/dull), and VersaMax (High Diff, 1000/dull) in case the backends require a little more surface.

And, if all else fails, I will have my Raptor Talon (Low RG, High Diff, 500/dull) with me. Unfortunately, I have been to too many tournaments where the pattern did not play anything like the graph, or the left side was blocked out, or there was a machine malfunction, etc., so it pays to be ready for anything.

Btw, this challenge of matching equipment and strategy to various oil patterns and lane conditions is one of the things I love about the modern sport of bowling. Thank you all for your input. I will report back the results.
Posted by: Joe Bowler

Re: Trip to Paris - 01/20/13 05:10 AM

Today is the day of the tournament. I was packing the car, and decided to leave the Raptor Talon (solid, 500/dull) home and bring the Raptor Attack (pearl, 4000/polished) instead. If the lanes are flooded, which is unlikely, I can use my Ascent Solid with a more direct line. And, I always carry green Scotch Brite (600 grit) with me, in case of emergency.

What I was thinking was, if the pattern plays as expected, what is more likely over the course of 8 games is the puddle of oil in the middle will disappear and I will have to make a move outside into the drier midlane. If that occurs, it would be a good setup for the lower RG, high Diff Raptor Attack which provides a more gradual, continuous breakpoint, and should be easier to control.

I also found these tips from Kelly Kulick (similar high RG strategy):

And, I found this video of a lefty playing the Paris pattern around 15-20 with older, but similar equipment:

Posted by: Joe Bowler

Re: Trip to Paris - 01/20/13 09:29 PM

Well, despite all of the preparation, today's tournament on the 47-foot Paris pattern was a bust. For the lefties, it played more like a 60-foot pattern. It did not matter whether I used a polished or sanded cover, high or low RG/Diff core. Nothing I rolled hooked, not even a couple boards. I could have used my spare ball, and it would not have made any difference.

I could tell the backends were going to be a problem in practice. I quickly went from the Ascent Pearl to the Primal Impulse to the Ascent Solid to the VersaMax, and then to my bag for green Scotch-Brite. It did not help.

I managed to roll a 214 and 213 the first two games, targeting 20 -> 10, then moved to the other end of the bowling center, and lost the little bit of ball reaction I had. It was downhill from there. Targeting 25 -> 15 left 7-9's and 5-10's, while targeting 20 -> 10 left 3-7-9's. Targeting further left typically did not make it back to the headpin. I did not roll another game over 200. I don't know, maybe having 500+ RPMs would have helped.

In the meantime, the right handers were having a field day. High games were typically 260's and above, and somebody rolled a 300 game. The winner finished +300 for 8 games, or over 237 average. The only thing I learned today (besides not going back to that bowling center anytime soon) was that I liked the rotating ball holder I picked up from It helped make short work of adjusting the surface on the ball.
Posted by: FruitFly

Re: Trip to Paris - 01/21/13 03:16 AM

Sounds like it was brutal for you lefties.
Hook-Spot creation sometimes rocks for the righties.

Sorry you couldn't really put you thesis to a test.
Posted by: Joe Bowler

Re: Trip to Paris - 01/21/13 08:13 AM

It happens. Thanks for your support. There were lots of bowlers struggling, righties as well as lefties. Fortunately, I got some of my bracket money back. On to the next tournament...
Posted by: Joe Bowler

Re: Trip to Paris - 01/21/13 04:22 PM

I could not help thinking there was more to learn from the experience. So, from now on, I will be bringing a few extra balls with me to tournaments, and have them ready in the car, rather than at home. The extra balls will include my Raptor Talon (500/dull), with maroon Scotch-Brite (320 grit) in the bag when more friction is required for extreme long/wet conditions, i.e., when I can't get anything else to hook, and my Natural Pearl (4000/polished) when less friction is required for extreme short/dry conditions, i.e., when I can't get anything else down the lane.

What it also helped clarify in my mind is there are (at least) three dimensions of matching ball to lane conditions, (1) matching RG to the length of the pattern (vertical), (2) matching Diff to the target zone on the lane (horizontal), and (3) matching cover/surface prep to the friction in the heads, midlane, and backend (volume). Lesson learned. Okay, now on to the next tournament...
Posted by: champ

Re: Trip to Paris - 01/21/13 05:03 PM

Originally Posted By: Joe Bowler
What it also helped clarify in my mind is there are (at least) three dimensions of matching ball to lane conditions, (1) matching RG to the length of the pattern (vertical), (2) matching Diff to the target zone on the lane (horizontal), and (3) matching cover/surface prep to the friction in the heads, midlane, and backend (volume). Lesson learned. Okay, now on to the next tournament...

Its nuggets like these that keep me coming back to this site, and keep me improving. Sorry it didn't turn out great Joe, but at least two of us learned something from your experience.