2013 WTBA World Championships

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2013 WTBA World Championships - 08/22/12 04:37 PM

Starting this thread way early because the thought has crossed my mind to make the trip to Las Vegas for it (in the second half of next August at the Sunset Station). I'm hoping there's someone on the forums also with interest in making the trip, as 1) I'd probably want someone to share expenses with; 2) I don't have my driver's license, and sharing a rental car would be cheaper for me than cab fare. I'm hearing about $100/wk packages at the hotels on the Strip; if true, a full two week stay to see everything might be possible, otherwise, I'd have to see when they plan to run the two team events.

I'm certainly not going to have an opportunity to see the best national teams (particularly Team USA) in person often, so I'd like to do this. laugh
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Re: 2013 WTBA World Championships - 01/08/13 08:44 PM


The Team USA roster is now set, as follows:

Men: John Szczerbinski, Marshall Kent, John Janawicz, Chris Barnes, Bill O'Neill, Tommy Jones, Mike Fagan, Steve Smith, Eddie VanDaniker, Kyle King

Women: Danielle McEwan, Diandra Asbaty, Josie Earnest, Liz Johnson, Kelly Kulick, Shannon O'Keefe, Stefanie Nation, Shannon Pluhowsky, Brittni Hamilton, Missy Parkin

For both the men and women, the top 3 in the Team USA Trials (the first names given) automatically earned spots on the roster, while the rest were chosen by the National Selection Committee, 5 based on their resumes and 2 based on their Trials performance. Of course, 6 men and 6 women will be chosen from this roster to compete in August at the World Championships.
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Re: 2013 WTBA World Championships - 01/09/13 01:32 AM

Hope Danielle McEwan does well, she won teen masters a couple years ago and I think her college team won the NCAA championships last year.
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Re: 2013 WTBA World Championships - 01/09/13 12:20 PM

B-Hammer, Danielle McEwan bowls for Fairleigh Dickinson, which was not in the ITC title match. The ITC women's final match last year was Midland v. Webber International, won by Webber International.
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Re: 2013 WTBA World Championships - 01/09/13 12:24 PM

I'd be pulling for Shannon O'Keefe. I know two members of her Cambridge Credit team for the Open Championships. It shows in the standings as Cambridge 1, but I know for a fact that the sponsor is Cambridge Credit Counseling, a New England company that also sponsors a NEBA event during the year. The two members of the team I know are Bill Webb and Chris Viale.
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Re: 2013 WTBA World Championships - 03/11/13 01:47 AM

The USBC has set up the official website of the 2013 World Championships at http://www.bowl.com/world2013

Interesting to note from the schedule is that the team events will take place over three days, with both the men's and women's medal rounds on the same day (Aug. 29). The first round of both the men's and women's Masters are also later that same day.

Also, the USBC Queens will be held immediately following the World Championships at the same bowling center.
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Re: 2013 WTBA World Championships - 06/28/13 01:54 PM

The USBC has announced the Team USA squads for both the men and women, as follows:

Men: Chris Barnes, Mike Fagan, John Janawicz, Tommy Jones, Bill O'Neill, John Szczerbinski

Women: Liz Johnson, Kelly Kulick, Stefanie Nation, Shannon O'Keefe, Missy Parkin, Shannon Pluhowsky

The US is only sending four "pro" men, but Janawicz and Szczerbinski are also both veterans of international competition. The women are all returning from the 2011 World Women's Championships except for Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, whose spot has been filled by Missy Parkin.
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Re: 2013 WTBA World Championships - 06/29/13 12:57 AM

Is there anywhere that we can find out what the other countries rosters are, or even what other countries will be participating?
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Re: 2013 WTBA World Championships - 06/29/13 08:18 AM

svengali, http://www.sportsground.co.nz/Article.asp?SiteID=15173&ArticleID=3628 at least answers part of your question. The USA automatically qualified in both divisions as the host country. The three "zones", Asian, American, and European, had qualifying last year, and I'll list the countries that qualified in each division in each zone below:

Asian (12 spots)

Men: Australia, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, United Arab Emirates

Women: Australia, China, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore

Pan American (8 spots)

Both divisions: Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela

European (15 spots)

Men: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland

Women: Catalonia, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine

I've also seen the latest WTBA newsletter to member federations, and Marios Nicolaides of Cyprus, representing the European zone, is the technical delegate for the tournament and has decided that the short and medium categories of patterns will be used for the World Championships. Given the current WTBA library, the possible patterns for the short are Sydney (33'), Stockholm (34'), Beijing (35'), and Los Angeles (36'), and Atlanta (38'), Seoul (39'), Athens (40'), and Montreal (41') for the medium; the final decisions (one pattern in each category) will be disclosed at the team managers' meeting prior to the tournament. Program sheets for various brands of lane machines can be found here. The patterns will be used as follows:

Singles: Exclusively on the short

Doubles: Exclusively on the medium

Trios & Team: Three games on each pattern in qualifying; high seed has choice of pattern in medal rounds

Masters: One lane on a pair will be dressed with each pattern, both bowlers bowl each game on the same lane, alternating with each game, higher seed has choice of starting lane
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Re: 2013 WTBA World Championships - 06/29/13 01:07 PM

Thanks. I had checked bowl.com and the WTBA website but unfortunately nothing was on there about which nations had qualified.
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Re: 2013 WTBA World Championships - 06/29/13 02:36 PM

Just to clarify, the higher seed in the Masters picks a lane, both bowlers bowl the first game on that lane only, then move to the other lane of the pair and keep doing so until a bowler wins the match (forgot if it was best of five or best of seven).

In qualifying for the team of five event, usually a bowler "sits out", but bowls with the extra bowlers for his/her all-events score. Normally, a team will have two bowlers sit, one in each three-game block. All qualifying, including singles and doubles, is six games, with the all-events score based on each bowler's total for the 24 games. The top 16 all-events scores qualify for the Masters.
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Re: 2013 WTBA World Championships - 08/03/13 07:17 PM

Wanted to note something as the event approaches later this month...if he made his national team, a bowler you're going to want to watch on the men's side is Choi Bok-Eum of Korea. He's been one of the brightest stars of international bowling for years, yet most bowling fans in America and Europe never see him except for a world championship event because he doesn't compete on either continent's pro tour.

Also, the bowlers change pairs after each game in qualifying, even in the events with multiple bowlers (doubles, trios, and team).
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Re: 2013 WTBA World Championships - 08/17/13 08:24 PM

The team managers' meetings are currently in progress, and Marios Nicolaides will disclose the two oil patterns to be used in that meeting. While I'm waiting for them, there is now a list of participants on bowl.com, and I'll list some of the more notable names from other countries competing (I've already mentioned Korea's Choi Bok-Eum):

Australia: Jason Belmonte, Carol Gianotti
Canada: Mark Buffa (300 game @ the USBC Open this year), Dan MacLelland
Colombia: Andres Gomez, Clara Guerrero
England: Stuart Williams
Finland: Osku Palermaa
Malaysia: Shalin Zulkifli
Singapore: Jazreel Tan (Two-time collegiate Player of the Year for Wichita St.)
Sweden: Martin Larsen
Venezuela: Amleto Monacelli, Ildemaro Ruiz

Also, for those of you on Twitter, you can follow @WorldBowling for updates.
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Re: 2013 WTBA World Championships - 08/17/13 11:29 PM

Still waiting for the patterns, but they're unlikely to be Beijing (short) and Athens (medium), as they were used in the World Senior Championships this past week.
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Re: 2013 WTBA World Championships - 08/18/13 12:37 PM

Here are the lane conditions for the World Championships:

Lanes and approaches: Brunswick Pro Anvilane
Lane machine: Kegel ION Sport model with DUO transfer system
Lane conditioner: Kegel Ice
Cleaner: Kegel Defense-C
Oil patterns: Sydney (Short, 33') and Seoul (Medium, 39')

For those interested in such things, the USBC, on the tournament portion of bowl.com, has provided a Kegel map of the bowling center here. (A bowling center's map charts the topography of every lane in the center.)

Official practice takes place today, and competition gets underway tomorrow with men's singles.

Also, the format for the Masters competitions is different than in previous tournaments. It used to be the top 16 in all-events would bowl in a single-elimination bracket in something like a best-of-five or best-of-seven matches, but this time, they're taking the top 24, which will then bowl six games, with the all-events totals carrying over, and cutting to the top 8 for round-robin match play (no position round) with 20 bonus pins for each match win. The top 4 after that will advance to a single-elimination bracket with one-game matches, with the bracket seeded 1-4 and 2-3.

Also, the men's and women's medal rounds in team of five won't take place until the evening of Fri. Aug. 30, after the conclusion of the Masters.
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Re: 2013 WTBA World Championships - 08/18/13 04:53 PM

To add about the Masters, they will still use one of the patterns on each lane of a pair (I think BowlingDigital.com said the left lane will have the medium pattern, and the right lane the short pattern), but the bowlers will alternate lanes like a regular match. If you'll remember, Patrick Allen, who won the PBA's National Bowling Stadium Championship some years ago on dual patterns, said after the tournament that that was the hardest thing he's ever had to do in bowling.
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Re: 2013 WTBA World Championships - 08/18/13 07:04 PM

I looked over the lane map guide. can you explain why they rate lane areas in gravitational forces? how do i interpret this data?
are these lane level readings where forces cause gravity to cause the ball to roll left or right on the lane?


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Re: 2013 WTBA World Championships - 08/19/13 12:31 AM

That's exactly what that is, RayRay. The lanes still have to be level to a tolerance, but the subtle differences can make one lane play a bit differently than another. It is, in fact, maybe more important to how a lane plays than the oil pattern applied to it. smile
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Re: 2013 WTBA World Championships - 08/19/13 12:00 PM

To expand on my previous post, I heard the USBC's commentators talking about that topic during the last World Men's Championships and saying accounting for the topographical differences in the lanes was like putting on a golf green.
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Re: 2013 WTBA World Championships - 08/19/13 10:20 PM

Men's singles results:

Gold: Bill O'Neill (USA)
Silver: Bodo Konieczny (GER)
Bronze: Shin Seung-Hyeon (KOR), Martin Larsen (SWE)

Semifinals: Bill O'Neill def. Shin Seung-Hyeon 181-155, Bodo Konieczny def. Martin Larsen 209-183
Finals: O'Neill def. Konieczny 228-192

If you don't count last year's World Singles Championships, won by Chris Barnes, Bill O'Neill was the defending world champion in this event. In the gold medal match, O'Neill asserted himself with a turkey starting in the 3rd frame, while Konieczny went split-strike-open (missed single pin) in those frames; O'Neill stayed clean from that point to hold the lead.

In qualifying, O'Neill and Konieczny each had a 300 game, while O'Neill also had a 297 game to help him get the #1 seed.

Men's all-events standings after singles

Chris Barnes and John Janawicz would be the only Americans other than Bill O'Neill to qualify for the Masters at this point, while Choi Bok-Eum and Dan MacLelland are the other notables in that position.

Women's singles will be contested tomorrow.
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Re: 2013 WTBA World Championships - 08/20/13 09:58 PM

Women's singles results:

Gold: Ryu Seo-Yeon (KOR)
Silver: W.ang Ya-Ting (TPE)
Bronze: Huang Chiung-Yao (TPE), Mariana Ayala (PUR)

Semifinals: Ryu Seo-Yeon def. Huang Chiung-Yao 202-200, W.ang Ya-Ting def. Mariana Ayala 205-190
Finals: Ryu def. W.ang 224-182

Two open frames in the middle of the gold medal match proved costly for W.ang, as Ryu ran away with the match from that point.

Huang dominated qualifying, as she averaged better than 20 pins a game better than the second qualifier, but lost in the semifinals.

Women's all-events standings after singles

The Americans struggled in singles, as Missy Parkin was the only American in a Masters qualifying position after the event.

BTW, for those of you new to international bowling, the Chinese Taipei bowlers, particularly the women, are primarily helicopter spinner bowlers and often do well when the scoring pace is low, as it was in singles.
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Re: 2013 WTBA World Championships - 08/21/13 10:46 AM

Nice to see that spinners can still be competitive in international events.
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Re: 2013 WTBA World Championships - 08/21/13 11:29 AM

Meant to mention in my post last night that today's event is men's doubles, being contested on the medium pattern, Seoul.
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Re: 2013 WTBA World Championships - 08/21/13 09:57 PM

Men's doubles results:

Gold: John Szczerbinski & Chris Barnes (USA)
Silver: Pasi Uotila & Osku Palermaa (FIN)
Bronze: Joonas Jehkinen & Petteri Salonen (FIN), John Janawicz & Mike Fagan (USA)

Semifinals: John Szczerbinski & Chris Barnes def. John Janawicz & Mike Fagan 472-458, Pasi Uotila & Osku Palermaa def. Joonas Jehkinen & Petteri Salonen 480-453
Finals: Szczerbinski & Barnes def. Uotila & Palermaa 569-473

The gold medal match was one of the most dominating displays ever in international competition, with Szczerbinski putting up a 290 and Barnes adding a 279 himself.

Barnes had a 300 game in qualifying, along with Park Jong-Woo of Korea.

Men's all-events standings after doubles

Chris Barnes now leads all-events, with Bill O'Neill falling to third and Martin Larsen (SWE) moving up to second. Jason Belmonte (AUS) is now only eight pins off of a spot on the podium for all-events. John Janawicz and Mike Fagan are the other Americans in the top 24, with Choi Bok-Eum (KOR) and Dan MacLelland (CAN) the other notables in the top 24.

The women take their crack at the doubles event tomorrow.
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Re: 2013 WTBA World Championships - 08/22/13 10:04 PM

Women's doubles results:

Gold: Stefanie Nation & Shannon O'Keefe (USA)
Silver: Missy Parkin & Kelly Kulick (USA)
Bronze: Ann-Maree Putney & Carol Gianotti (AUS), Alicia & Karen Marcano (VEN)

Semifinals: Stefanie Nation & Shannon O'Keefe def. Ann-Maree Putney & Carol Gianotti 469-430, Missy Parkin & Kelly Kulick def. Alicia & Karen Marcano 483-373
Finals: Nation & O'Keefe def. Parkin & Kulick 482-438

The gold medal match might have been anticlimactic because Kelly Kulick threw the first 300 game of the tournament for the women in her semifinal match, but Stefanie Nation had 7 in a row in the gold medal match and Shannon O'Keefe closed out with the last five, while Parkin and Kulick both opened in the 7th frame and couldn't recover.

The women definitely broke the pattern down better than the men, as the top two women's duos in the morning squad, the Marcano sisters along with Nation and O'Keefe, had a higher score for their six games than any of the men did yesterday. The Marcanos couldn't seem to stop striking in the last game of their block, and Putney & Gianotti made their move into the medal round late in the afternoon squad, as well.

Women's all-events standings after doubles

The American women were definitely better in doubles, as Shannon O'Keefe moved into third, and Kelly Kulick, Stefanie Nation, and Liz Johnson would also qualify for the Masters if all-events ended at this point. Both Marcano sisters, Aumi Guerra (DOM), and Jazreel Tan (SIN) are among the other notables in the top 24.

The first round of men's trios, on the Sydney (short) pattern, is tomorrow.
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Re: 2013 WTBA World Championships - 08/23/13 07:32 PM

The results pages on bowl.com are separated by squad and don't give the combined results after Day 1 of men's trios, so I'll list all of the teams within 100 pins of the medal position:

1. USA 1 (Bill O'Neill, Tommy Jones, Chris Barnes) 2,040
2. COL 1 (Edward Rey, Oscar Rodriguez, Santiago Mejia) 1,992
3. CAN 2 (Mark Buffa, Francois Lavoie, Patrick Girard) 1,992
4. USA 2 (John Janawicz, John Szczerbinski, Mike Fagan) 1,975
5. UAE 1 (Shaker Al Hasan, Sayed Al Hashemi, Nayef Oqab) 1,947
6. KOR 1 (Choi Bok-Eum, Cho Young-Seon, Kim Jun-Yung) 1,925
7. AUS 2 (Glen Loader, Sam Cooley, Jason Belmonte) 1,922
8. UAE 2 (Hussain Al Suwaidi, Sultan Mk Al Qubaisi, Hareb Al Mansoori) 1,908
9. SWE 1 (Robert Andersson, Dennis Eklund, Martin Larsen) 1,903
10. THA 1 (Sivakorn Krittslunon, Atittarat Cheng, Phoemphun Yakasem) 1,900
11. MAS 2 (Siyafiq Ridhwan, Alex Liew, Rafiq Ismail) 1,898
12. NOR 1 (Mads Sandbaeken, Bjorn Einar Rudshagen, Torre Torgersen) 1,891
13. BRN 1 (Ahmed Al Goud, Ahmed Jabbar, Mohamed Sultan) 1,885
14. SWE 2 (Jesper Svensson, Martin Paulsson, James Gruffman) 1,877

Both American trios are in medal contention, but Oscar Rodriguez of Colombia was the individual star of Day 1, posting a 786 series.

The women bowl their first three games of trios tomorrow.
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Re: 2013 WTBA World Championships - 08/24/13 08:23 PM

This time, I did see a page that combined today's results, so I'll link it here:

Women's trios standings after Day 1

The trend of the American women struggling on the shorter oil pattern in singles continued today in trios, as the Asian women dominated the first day, with the top American trio of Shannon Pluhowsky, Stefanie Nation, and Shannon O'Keefe having to make up 94 pins to get into the medal round. Bernice Lim of Singapore had the high individual series of the day with a 717, the only 700 of the day.

The men will bowl on the medium pattern tomorrow, after which the medals will be decided and awarded.
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Re: 2013 WTBA World Championships - 08/25/13 04:15 PM

Watching today's qualifying in men's trios, I was reminded that the #2 seed in the trios and team medal rounds also gets choice of pattern for the semifinals, so I'd think if American women can get the #2 seed tomorrow, they'd definitely take the Seoul (medium) pattern.
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Re: 2013 WTBA World Championships - 08/25/13 08:25 PM

Men's trios results:

Gold: Canada 2 (Mark Buffa, Francois Lavoie, Patrick Girard)
Silver: Korea 1 (Choi Bok-Eum, Cho Young-Seoun, Kim Jun-Yung)
Bronze: Colombia 1 (Edward Rey, Oscar Rodriguez, Santiago Mejia), USA 1 (Bill O'Neill, Tommy Jones, Chris Barnes)

Semifinals: Canada 1 def. USA 1 601-579, Korea 1 def. Colombia 1 699-444
Finals: Canada 2 def. Korea 1 721-602

The Americans were the top qualifier, but struggled in their semifinal match with Canada, after which Mark Buffa led the Canadians with a 279 in the gold medal match against Korea.

Oscar Rodriguez carried his teammates on Day 2 with a 740 series, while Tore Torgersen of Norway had a 300 game today in qualifying.

Men's all-events standings after trios

Chris Barnes now has better than a 200 pin lead over Martin Larsen, with Jason Belmonte tied for third with Cho Young-Seon. John Janawicz, Bill O'Neill, and Mike Fagan are the other Americans in the top 24, with Choi Bok-Eum, Amleto Monacelli, and Dan MacLelland the other notables in the top 24.

The women's trios medals will be decided tomorrow.
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Re: 2013 WTBA World Championships - 08/26/13 08:41 PM

Women's trios results:

Gold: Korea 1 (Ryu Seo-Yeon, Lee Na-Young, Son Yun-Hee)
Silver: Canada 2 (Isabelle Rioux, Samantha How, Caroline Lagrange)
Bronze: England 1 (Autum Chamberlain, Hayley Rumkee, Lisa Johns), Japan 1 (Natsuki Teshima, Misaki Mukotani, Haruka Matsuda)

Semifinals: Korea 1 def. Japan 1 608-571, Canada 2 def. England 1 623-508
Finals: Korea 1 def. Canada 2 587-585

The gold medal match was the most exciting of the tournament up to this point, as it came down to the anchor bowlers in the 10th frame and Canada needing at least a mark to cinch it, but Caroline Lagrange got an unkind pocket 7-10 to give Korea a chance after Son Yun-Hee's first strike, needing eight-spare to win and getting nine on the ball after the strike.

Autum Chamberlain was the qualifying story of Day 2, as she put up a 761 to lead England into the medal round.

Women's all-events standings after trios

Chinese Taipei and Korean bowlers hold the top four spots, but the USA's Shannon O'Keefe can still make a move into the medals, with Liz Johnson and Kelly Kulick the other Americans in the top 24. An international notable, Carol Gianotti of Australia, has also now moved into the top 24.

The men and women will be competing on the same day from this point, as both team events get underway tomorrow on the short pattern. The team semifinals will take place after the Day 1 portion of the Masters on Thursday, while the gold medal matches in the team event will follow the Masters finals on Friday.
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Re: 2013 WTBA World Championships - 08/27/13 10:12 PM

Men's team standings after Day 1

Mike Fagan "sat out" for the US men, who were only 34 pins behind the medal position after the first day. Ten teams were over 3,100 on the day, four of them over 3,200. Amleto Monacelli had a 726 series to lead Venezuela into the top position, while Achim Grabowski of Germany had a 300 game.

Women's team standings after Day 1

Missy Parkin "sat" for the women, but the Americans are 91 pins out of the medal position in 8th, showing their shortcomings on the short pattern. Six women's teams were over 3,000 on the day, with Korea the only women over 3,100. Bernice Lim of Singapore had the high series of the day for the women with a 677.

Qualifying for both the men and women ends tomorrow on the medium pattern, and the all-events medals will be awarded.
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Re: 2013 WTBA World Championships - 08/28/13 12:05 PM

Team USA (Men's) on fire this morning, they are going to be well over 1200 for their first game of the day. Good start by the Men. Szczerbinski is sitting today and Fagan has been inserted into the lineup.

If you would like to watch the tournament you can watch the livestream on bowl.com's YouTube channel at the following link:

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Re: 2013 WTBA World Championships - 08/28/13 10:40 PM

Men's team semifinals:

Korea v. Finland
USA v. Denmark

It ended up that Chris Barnes needed a mark in the last frame to get the #1 seed for the USA, but left a 7-10 in the pocket. Finland posted a total near 3,500 on the medium pattern today to get into the medals, while Achim Grabowski of Germany and Hareb Al Mansoori of the United Arab Emirates had 750 sets, with the latter also putting up a 300 game, along with Ricardo Lecuona of Mexico.

Women's team semifinals:

USA v. Venezuela
Malaysia v. Korea

The Team USA women were dominant on the medium pattern, outscoring Colombia by over 200 pins in posting a total close to 3,500. Three of the Americans posted 700 series, led by Shannon O'Keefe's 753, and the only series better individually was posted by Lisanne Breeschoten of the Netherlands with a 769.

Final men's all-events standings

Gold: Chris Barnes (USA)
Silver: Cho Young-Seon (KOR)
Bronze: Bill O'Neill (USA)

Barnes won all-events by better than 200 pins and should probably be safe in tomorrow's first round of the Masters. Mike Fagan, John Janawicz, and Tommy Jones are the other Americans in the top 24, Jason Belmonte, Choi Bok-Eum, Amleto Monacelli, Dan MacLelland, and Osku Palermaa the international notables in the Masters.

Final women's all-events standings

Gold: Shannon O'Keefe (USA)
Silver: Son Yun-Hee (KOR)
Bronze: Diana Zavjalova (LAT)

Shannon O'Keefe's big set in team today meant a US sweep of the all-events gold medals. Kelly Kulick and Liz Johnson join O'Keefe in the Masters, while some of the international notables in the top 24 are Caroline Lagrange, Jazreel Tan, and the Marcano sisters.

The first two rounds of the Masters for both the men and women take place tomorrow, followed by the team semifinals (women first).
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Re: 2013 WTBA World Championships - 08/29/13 11:52 PM

Going women first, then men on everything...

Women's Masters semifinals:

Kim Moon-Jeong (KOR) v. Ryu Seo-Yeon (KOR)
Liz Johnson (USA) v. Son Yun-Hee (KOR)

The Koreans dominate the women's Masters, but Liz Johnson today showed why she's one of the best match play bowlers in the world, climbing into the top 8 from 14th and then winning four of her seven matches.

Men's Masters semifinals:

Chris Barnes (USA) v. Kim Jun-Yung (KOR)
Cho Young-Seon (KOR) v. Shin Seung-Hyeon (KOR)

Three Korean men will also win Masters medals, but Chris Barnes won the #1 seed by 250 pins and is the heavy favorite.

Women's team semifinals results:

USA def. Venezuela 1014-921
Korea def. Malaysia 1065-966

Missy Parkin came up big for the American women in the semifinals in putting up a 259 game, while Lee Na-Young had a 247 in the Koreans' match. It should be noted that the Americans actually set a women's three-game team series record for a World Championships yesterday during qualifying, and getting the #1 seed as a result was important, as it prevented Korea from being able to take the short pattern in the finals, on which the American women largely struggled.

Men's team semifinal results:

USA def. Denmark 1050-973
Finland def. Korea 1101-976

The American men trailed the Danes early on after Bill O'Neill and Chris Barnes both had back-to-back open frames (O'Neill the first two frames, and Barnes in the 2nd and 3rd frames), but the turning point of the match was the 6th frame...Barnes started striking and Bill O'Neill and Tommy Jones soon followed, and it was in that 6th frame that the Danes could only muster two spares. Tony Ranta and Pasi Uotila led the Finns to the upset of the Koreans to set up a rematch of the gold medal match from the 2010 World Men's Championships in Germany.

The tournament comes to a close tomorrow, starting with the Masters semifinals for both the men and women, followed by the women's Masters finals and then the men's Master's finals. Then the coveted team gold medals will be decided by first the women, and then by the men. As sk8shorty01 has mentioned, Bowl.com will have everything on a live stream on the USBC's YouTube channel, BowlTV (a UStream stream will be available in places where YouTube is blocked).
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Re: 2013 WTBA World Championships - 08/30/13 09:58 PM

Unless anyone wants to further the discussion, this should be my last post to this thread. First, the Masters results...

Women's Masters

Gold: Son Yun-Hee (KOR)
Silver: Kim Moon-Jeong (KOR)
Bronze: Liz Johnson (USA), Ryu Seo-Yeon (KOR)

Semifinals: Son Yun-Hee def. Liz Johnson 232-213, Kim Moon-Jeong def. Ryu Seo-Yeon 208-180
Finals: Son def. Kim 211-193

Men's Masters

Gold: Cho Young-Seon (KOR)
Silver: Chris Barnes (USA)
Bronze: Kim Jun-Yung (KOR), Shin Seung-Hyeon (KOR)

Semifinals: Cho Young-Seon def. Shin Seung-Hyeon 237-223, Chris Barnes def. Kim Jun-Yung 226-214
Finals: Cho def. Barnes 254-195

A Korean sweep of the Masters, with Chris Barnes having to settle for silver in the men's competition. Barnes got off to a slow start in the gold medal match, but Cho bowled well enough to have what Barnes did not really matter. As an aside, the men's and women's Masters winners are husband and wife.

Finally, the gold medal matches in the team events:

Women: Korea def. USA 1159-992

The American dominance on the medium pattern didn't matter to the Koreans, who were led by Kim Moon-Jeong and Lee Na-Young with a 267 and a 246, respectively. Kelly Kulick (224) turned out to be the only American over 200 in the match.

Men: Finland def. USA 1183-1126

Team USA was clean except for just one open frame in the gold medal match and still lost to the Finns, who were led by Pasi Uotila's 279 with Petteri Salonen also having a 258, with Tommy Jones (257), Bill O'Neill (248) and Chris Barnes (235) doing the heavy lifting for the Americans. John Szczerbinski replaced Mike Fagan in today's lineup, and Szczerbinski only shot 192, meaning Team USA head coach Rod Ross will likely be second-guessed about that move. It should also be noted that Finland won without the services of Mika Koivuniemi, who chose instead to assist in coaching Denmark at these World Championships.

Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates will host the next two world championship events for adults, the men next year and the women in 2015. Before svengali asks, all WTBA member national bowling federations will be invited to send teams to both of those events.