junior gold

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junior gold - 07/15/12 10:41 PM

My has been practicing for jg that starts tomorrow...15 and under division..short oil is tough in practice...gl to all!
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Re: junior gold - 07/15/12 10:41 PM

Daughter that is
Posted by: Rocket Jr

Re: junior gold - 07/16/12 08:56 PM

Tell her good luck for me, That is probably my next stop,next year. I have practiced with some junior gold bowlers and judging from them with my game where it is right now, I could hold my own but would probably be in the middle of the pack at most tournaments. So I am doing JTBA this year for experience then hopefully make the jump next year.
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Re: junior gold - 07/17/12 11:32 PM

We have a few local youths there competing this year that are definitely showing how good the central Florida Youth Program really is.

Greg Young, Michael Coffee, Sean Wilcox (15 and under), Felecia Proctor, and Elise Bolton are all within the cut line after the first day.

Hopefully these locals stay there, bowling with them almost daily I am confident they will stay there for the duration.

The only youth from this area that has started off really slow (for a contender to win) is David Lance, he was down in the low 300's (ranking) after day one and that is not like David at all. Sure he will move up as the tournament progresses.

Good luck to your daughter MN, and to any others here with friends/family bowling good luck to them as well!
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Re: junior gold - 07/20/12 11:49 PM

well, jg is over with and like sk8 im from the same area and understand how great the areas other youths are, coffey lead qualifying and got his jr team usa spot, aj johnson from illinois won the boys u20 and got his spot, greg young from this area got an at large selection for his spot on jr team, and sean wilcox from this area finished 3rd in the u15, a good friend of mine who i bowl multiple leagues with finished 19th in the boys u15