So in a couple years when I get decent, where do I

Posted by: PowerBall

So in a couple years when I get decent, where do I - 03/10/12 06:10 AM

Ok say in a couple years with a lot of practice and coaching I get semi-decent, have my own style, get a feel for different balls, oil patterns and break downs... not PBA status mind you but good enough to be competitive on a good day.. what kind of tournaments do I have open to me where I can go and possibly cash?
Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: So in a couple years when I get decent, where do I - 03/10/12 07:40 AM

I'd get used to higher competition. Roll in ABT or NABI tournaments. Generally, local Associations run tournaments. We have scratch tournaments every other week around here. Find houses tha cater to these. They are generally privately owned, as the chains run B-Day parties and other events on weekends that ruin bowling times for tournaments.

Search out higher level leagues or scratch leagues to keep you competitive and improving. Bowl at different houses to become acquainted with different conditions. Learn the oiling schedule at houses to always practice on fresh shots. Bowl on Sport shot leagues.

Don't believe the desk person who says when confronted with dry lanes, "well you have to learn to bowl on every kind of shot". I have yet to find a tournament advertised as dry lanes.

Good luck.

The downside of this practice was that I found my bowling time shifting from mid week nights to week ends. Week nights were filled with social leagues. Week ends were more competitive.
Posted by: champ

Re: So in a couple years when I get decent, where do I - 03/10/12 12:45 PM

As Dennis mentioned, most bigger associations hold scratch tournaments pretty regularly. They shouldn't be too hard to find if you live in an area with more than a couple centers.

In the mean time, check out handicap tournaments. Handicap favors the improving bowler, and they're usually held on house shots. You could get used to bowling tournaments now and as long as you are improving steadily, you'll have a good chance to cash.

As for the improvement, that doesn't take too long either if you work at it. My entering average in my first league 18 months ago was 133. I'm at 180 now, and I'm certain I'll average in the upper 190s in my summer league based on my improvements over the last couple months. Don't wait to get your feet wet. The more experience you gain now, the quicker you'll get better.