My experience at the 2012 USBC Open Championships

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My experience at the 2012 USBC Open Championships - 02/22/12 10:35 AM

I bowled my team event on Sat Feb 18th at 2:30 and doubles/singles at 7am on Sun Feb 19th. I have a spending limit of $300 including 60 for my share of hotel and 25 for return baggage fee.

I leave Fresno at 7:15pm on friday with stops in Phoenix for about an hour and Dallas for about 5 hours before getting to Baton Rouge at 8am on Saturday. Needless to say I wasn't gonna get much sleep but I figured I could get a nap before bowling. I get to the baggage claim area in Baton Rouge and my bowling bag has not arrived. I go to the ticket counter and they tell me that my bag was not scanned being loaded on the plane while in Dallas. I was given a number and told to call the number starting at noon to see if it got loaded on the next plane in from Dallas. I start calling from 11:30 until about 1ish and no update. I there have no choice to go out and purchase a new ball in order for me to do the team event. So no nap for me. Good thing i thought head and put my shoes in my carry on bag. So I had to spend 150 bucks for a ball that may only get 3 games on it. After the team event i go back to calling with no change in the update. Finally at 8pm on sat I get call from the airlines saying my bag will be in at 10pm that night and will be delivered to my hotel sometime after that. At 12:30 sun morning my bag gets to the hotel. So I was able to bowl D/S with my regular balls. Then when leaving Baton Rouge I talk the airlines into checking my second bag for free because of the issue with my missing bag. My flight then went Baton Rouge to Dallas with a 2 hour wait to San Francisco with a 50 min wait then to Fresno at 10:10. We were late leaving Dallas and when arriving in Frisco there was a plane still at our gate and they refused to move us to another gate so we had to sit there and wait. My flight is scheduled to leave at 9:06 by the the time i got off the plane it was 9:00 so I had to run to the gate where my plane was only to find out it had been delayed until 9:50. It was after 10 pm before we started boarding. We head out to the runway then get called back for a maintence issue then we get that fixed then one of the passengers has a big issue and requests to be taken off the flight. It is now after 11pm before we get airborne and I finally get home after midnight.

Now as far as the bowling aspect, this was my worse outting in total pins, not even breaking 1400 for all 3 sets. team i went 168-146-126 440 set, doubles i went 158-165-131 454 set and singles i went 167-171-157 495 set. in the team event i was the bruswick lethal revolver and I know my mental game isnt all there due to the ball issue and no sleep for over 31 hours. I tried playing where i normally do and had some success but not a lot but I think most was due to mental and sleep issues. In Doubles and Singles I had my X-Factor Deuce II and a Reign and I played where I normally did and tried making little changes trying to find a consistant reaction whether it it a board or two, hand position, ball choice, ball speed. After moving to Singles I made a huge move left, 18 boards and had better results but still not good. kept leaving 2 or 2/8 so I making little changes to fine the line but never really found it. Hopefully next year I will remember to start there and makes the adjust from there.
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Re: My experience at the 2012 USBC Open Championships - 02/22/12 11:10 AM

The oil pattern for the USBC Open changes each year, Mo Pinel talked about it on the latest above180 broadcast that this year if you wanted to score you either needed to play first arrow or fifth arrow, anywhere in between was not going to work very well. They did this in response to last years scoring.

Airlines and baggage are a disaster, went on a business trip last year that had a golf outing tied to it, the TSA agent had opened my bag for a random inspection and then forgot to put my golf shoes back in the bag, or didn't zip up the bag as when I got my bag the pocket was wide open and the shoes were missing.
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Re: My experience at the 2012 USBC Open Championships - 02/22/12 11:45 AM

What a long trip with so many breaks. You must have been relieved to get to Baton Rouge, thinking you could get your checked bags, and head somewhere for a few hours of well needed rest before the first event of the weekend. That must have been the worst feeling in the world finding out your balls were missing. I can't imagine how frustrated or [censored] I would be. I don't think I would have left the counter without security escorting me.

No doubt those concerns were in your head, on top of having very little rest over the previous 24 hours. I am sorry you went through that, and very sorry you didn't bowl well. I guess you live in/around Fresno, which will be closer for the US Open next year in Reno.
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Re: My experience at the 2012 USBC Open Championships - 02/22/12 12:02 PM

Hunter, last year in Reno my gf and I drove there....i plan on driving there next..dunno if she will come or not
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Re: My experience at the 2012 USBC Open Championships - 02/22/12 12:12 PM

How many US Opens have you participated in? What were your results? You're a pretty darn good bowler from everything I read on here, have you ever advanced?
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Re: My experience at the 2012 USBC Open Championships - 02/22/12 01:05 PM

Hunter, the USBC Open Championships and the US Open are two different tournaments. Most just call the former nationals. smile
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Re: My experience at the 2012 USBC Open Championships - 02/22/12 01:34 PM

Sorry 'bout the experience. I checked 2 balls at DFW and then carried one with my shoes in a Backpack. I didn't have any issues with either package, except TSA in DFW were buttholes about the bowling ball in my carry-on. Coming out of Baton Rouge was a breeze including the TSA. The hand inspector was asking how I did and such, as he went about going through the motions.

How I did... all I gotta say is WOW. After a 1700 last year in Reno, I was only able to scrape together a 1500 this year. If given the chance, bowl in the 1-2-3 at Metro Bowl. You will walk away saying "there's no way that the lanes are gonna break like this @ Nationals" Au Contraire. I was using my Marvel Pearl at Metro, although I didn't actually trust myself to try it at Nationals.
For the life of me, I was so darn thick-headed when it came to spare shooting...
The hardest part of bowling at the nationals was definitely cross-lane spare shooting. 10 Pin was not a problem, as it almost seemed like a house shot when playing out to that corner. But the other way? :: whew :: Once the ball started moving left, it went there with a vengeance. I can't count how many times I moved, moved, and moved again to try and find an angle to cover the left corner confidently. I saw many others having the same issue. If you have a spare ball that you can throw pinpoint straight, you will have no issues with single pins. But, place another pin with that... you will have to cover both/all of those pins with that straight ball. Because once you move to a breaking ball, all bets are off. If you roll stronger/firmer, it slides past; if you roll softer or more roll, it will break in front of it.

A consistent strike line is something that I failed finding until the last set. For me, I finally found it with my surfaced Ebonite No Limit. Through 15 to 10, while making sure I didn't roll it "through" the arrows... just to them. Kinda like putting to the breakpoint. I rolled a set on the 5 board (straight down-in) and was leaving alot of 10-pins. I wasn't able to get the ball rolling sooner off that line to create a different angle. Ball speed was everything... it controlled the breakpoint area, and I sure wasn't looking to let it dive earlier through the nose. So I was trying for flush, or light. Light left the 2-4-5. I shot 450's rolling down/in at 10 and at 5; and 600 rolling 15-10

Sidenote: I used my Defiant at Teams, but looking back realized that I really didn't need it. That ball is >5 boards stronger than my Ebonite and my Ebonite would have been plenty. It was my mistake in how I approached playing the shot. Most of the people around me that seemed to be rolling the inside line well enough, but on the pair where I was, there was nobody doing it successfully. Unfortunately, I followed their lead, when I should have done differently. Crossovers were common-place. I never saw so many crossover strikes.

Best Wishes to those who are going in the coming months!
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Originally Posted By: Richie V.
Hunter, the USBC Open Championships and the US Open are two different tournaments. Most just call the former nationals. smile

Ugh, I bring out the noobie in me too often. One day I will learn...
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Re: My experience at the 2012 USBC Open Championships - 02/22/12 01:54 PM

Hunter, never been to the US Open but this was my 9th straight year at the USBC Open Championships (Nationals)