tournament software

Posted by: kwik8

tournament software - 01/26/12 01:57 PM

Hey everyone just wanted to get some opinions on tournament software. What are/have you used in the past and how do/did you like it?

I will be running scratch and senior scratch events 50-100 individual entries so I don't need the most sophisticated software out there but may add other divisions later on.

Just looking for some ideas.

Posted by: Richie V.

Re: tournament software - 01/27/12 12:45 AM

Treasure Software, which publishes the league secretary software I use for the virtual league, Perfect Secretary, also publishes Perfect Tournament, available in versions suited to the size of your tournament. If you get this, you'll also probably want Perfect Brackets if you wish to run side events.

CDE Software, which puts out BLS (Bowling League Secretary) and runs the site we're all familiar with, offers BTM (Bowling Tournament Manager) and T-Brac (side events) in this area of bowling software.