$600,000 Tournament Injustice Pt. 2

Posted by: Out Of Luck

$600,000 Tournament Injustice Pt. 2 - 04/18/11 03:30 PM

Hello Everyone,

If you have not read the first thread that I posted, then please read it first :


So, I received a call from the Northeast Tournament Director and he was very apologetic and offered to give swift and fast resolution. I was very impressed with what AMF was trying to do and even made a mention of the original post on their Facebook page. I was ready to move on with my life and go back to doing what I enjoyed but..............................AMF did this:

A) Offered my money back ( which i received ) , Free Bowling Card til August (which I took but WILL NOT USE) and a free AMF bowling ball of my choice ( but only if I sign a paper stating that if I talk about what happened in White Plains to anyone else, they will sue me).

B) They offered to take care of everyone else but did not! I do not know if anyone else took the offer as I am in contact with the other bowlers, but it seems to me that they have not even been contacted by AMF.

C) Second Place WInner in Division C in Las Vegas came out of which Bowling Alley...................if you guessed White Plains, you hit the nail right on the head.

After refusing to sign the letter that AMF presented to me, I was banned from posting anything on their Facebook page and taken off of their mailing list. I mean seriously, is it my fault that they had messed up lanes?

AMF as a company is unprofessional, very immature, very pushy, and a very disturbing company that instead of dealing with the issues that are presented, they would like to offer CHEAP items as a way to compensate a bowler's loss. Maybe an all expense paid for trip to Las Vegas to WATCH the National Championship would have been very rewarding to me. Anything but an AMF ball that I have to throw down the lane and free bowling, which is very priceless, when it comes down an all expense paid for experience in Las Vegas. AMF wanted to silence me. Now, they created their worst nightmare.

BEWARE of AMF Bowling Lanes, Inc!!!!!!!

I don't want anything from them. All i want is to be heard!!!!!!!

Luis Delgado
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Re: $600,000 Tournament Injustice Pt. 2 - 04/18/11 04:36 PM

Is that free bowling card transferable?

Glad you got your money back!
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Re: $600,000 Tournament Injustice Pt. 2 - 04/18/11 06:48 PM

so they try to bribe you to shut your trap? Not unexpected, and the norm (unfortunately).

At least they should have approached all of you.