Any ABT members/opinions?

Posted by: champ

Any ABT members/opinions? - 04/06/11 06:11 PM

I'm thinking of joining the ABT and would like insight. I'd like to bowl some tournaments, and have frinds here in town that travel to Nevada and California for events, and are looking for someone else to help with gas money whenever they decide to go.

Outside of participating member, the member fees are kind of steep. According to some folks, you are only guaranteed to bowl 3 games, so the cos of entry would be steep if you don't cash.

Are the tournaments fun and well organized? Are they competitive? Are any events sanctioned through USBC, or do you get recognition from them for honor scores? Do they use sport shots or THS? Any other insights?

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Re: Any ABT members/opinions? - 04/06/11 08:02 PM

You can do an event as a guest of a member. If you win, ABT deducts the membership fee from the prize money. The entry fee is kind of high, but I know a guy who just won $10,000! He "only" averages 170-180.
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Re: Any ABT members/opinions? - 04/06/11 08:54 PM

Wow, I might be sold. If there is opportunity for 170-180 avg bowlers t pick up ten grand, I like it.
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Re: Any ABT members/opinions? - 04/06/11 11:27 PM

The opportunity to win $10k happens once a year...You have to pay $80 for the tournament and you have to get in the Progressinve pot which is another $40 or so.

You are ONLY guaranteed 3 me that is a joke and will never bowl in it again.

A normal tourney is $40-$50 entyr but you have to get in the progressive which is another $20 in order to win the $1000 first place prize. Not worth it to me since you only get 3 games of qualifying. One bad game and you are pretty much done. They usually use a sport shot but do not thell you what it is. Also, it is handicapped which I also hate.
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Re: Any ABT members/opinions? - 04/06/11 11:58 PM

Originally Posted By: champ
Wow, I might be sold. If there is opportunity for 170-180 avg bowlers t pick up ten grand, I like it.

That was his second win. I don't know what he won in the first one. I do know that you get /some/ money just for making it to the semi-finals. You get bonus pins for future events when you don't advance.

The first time I saw an ABT event, the guy's son won $2500.

Locally at least, they also have drawings for ball give-aways. You can enter side bets as well. Still, it isn't cheap at $55+ to enter. I mean, even as a guest, you have to pay to enter.

If you do join as a member, find a member's name to write down on your application. In my area, if you get a certain number of people to join, you get, I believe, a lifetime membership. It would be nice to help someone else along that path. ^_-

I'm not really trying to promote ABT; just throwing out some data. It would be les expensive to just do virtual tournaments really. A VT uses your league scores.

I /might/ do an ABT tournament as a guest very soon, just because it's 5-minutes away from home and my wife will be competing in it. She's a veteran. I...I'm not technically ready for it, but with a big handicap, I'd like to see what might happen. haha
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Re: Any ABT members/opinions? - 04/07/11 12:02 AM

Originally Posted By: spillup24
The opportunity to win $10k happens once a year...You have to pay $80 for the tournament and you have to get in the Progressinve pot which is another $40 or so.

I don't know about the Progressive Pot thing. If that were true in Delaware, my wife happened to leave that info out! I know she paid more than usual to enter though.

Yeah, three games is kind of [censored]. Five would be nice.
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Re: Any ABT members/opinions? - 04/07/11 12:04 PM

It's a tournament so I don't see a problem with only three games, though people also tend to refer to it as "The Sand Baggers Tour". My best finish was 6th place, and I paid $120 or so for entry with progressive, and made about $400. Your goal is + pins over your average which then gives you a shot at bowling more than three games. You can also enter as much as you'd like/can afford lol. I was 1st ranked twice going into the semi's and failed to make the step ladder both times. Fun experience, and here in Denver ABT they let you know what pattern you're bowling on. Which is never a THS in these parts.
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Re: Any ABT members/opinions? - 04/07/11 10:16 PM

My only experience with it is he said she said. That said the guy who was telling me all about it said in the area I just moved from that the guy would purposely put some kind of off the wall shot down to try to make scoring incredibly difficult. He also warned me about the "sandbaggers" were everywhere in them, I took that info from two sources I trust and skipped entering. I did come by the center and watch two events and saw a lot of frustrated complaining bowlers, it seemed to be some sort of reverse block. Seeing the reaction I was happy I didn't enter, I didn't have anything weak enough for that.
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Re: Any ABT members/opinions? - 04/08/11 12:00 AM

Hey, I did notice that some straight shooters tend to cash regularly. I wanted to enter as a spinner for that reason, but then I started working on a different style.
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Re: Any ABT members/opinions? - 04/08/11 12:06 AM

I bowled in an ABT once. It was a straight bowlers dream and a nightmare for those with any hand in the ball. I was taking a Red Pearl Shadow and playing 5th arrow out to 10. 9 was out of bounds.
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Re: Any ABT members/opinions? - 04/08/11 02:15 AM

I bowl ABT every month. I'll lay it all out for you as best as I can:

My entry fee is $54/tournament. That includes all progressive pots that mean anything (20/30/40 clean, 305 game, 5% progressive win pot).

Four (4) initial games, (3) semi-finals, step-ladder finals.

Patterns are usually on the medium to very difficult side. A typical THS shot will not do here. Most of the time the patterns are long, flat, and pretty oily. I bring my heavy arsenal with me for all these. Players who live on "the big hook" will not be able to make that work on most of these patterns.

In terms of competitive nature of the league, it's pretty decent. You'll see some good bowlers, some average bowlers, and some not so good bowlers. You really have to just bowl against yourself since it's all on handicap. For example:

My tourney average is 179, so I have a 31 pin handicap. Throughout a 4 game set, I'd say the average cut for the classic division is anywhere between +60 to +110 (like last weeks tourney).

In saying that, I have to average about 184 per game to hit a +60 mark.

If you manage to make it to the semis, you have three games to make the top 5 for stepladder finals. If you place 6th, you usually make around $120-$180 depending on the turnout.

One thing to note: A lot of people will bowl ALL three sessions, and pay $150 or more in buy-ins just to make it to the finals. There is a potential to easily win $2,000 if you take first and buy-in to the 20% progressive pot. If you're not interested in doing that, you're up against yourself and just one session, where other people may be bowling 12 games to hit their magic number.

Overall, I really enjoy the league. It challenges me to make good decisions and very accurate shots. There have been many times where 3-4 bad shots have cost me getting into the semis. It really makes you think about your game.

Good luck!