Second Place

Posted by: Smooth Stroker

Second Place - 07/09/06 09:13 PM

Today I bowled in a NABI tournament at Babylon Lanes for you NYers out there.

My day started with practice on the PBA pattern at another house. I bowled 5 games and my son bowled 3 games on the shot. It was regional pattern # 2 for those interested. A short pattern. After that I went to a local golf range to hit a bucket of balls. I needed to kill some time bfore the tourny started. I stayed at the range for about an hour and hit 90 golf balls. I finally made it to the tourny.

It's a local amateur tournament, NABI ran it. It's handicapped. They use the house shot. After playing on PBA shots I figured to do well. The shot felt easy. I always bowl well in this house. If I ever joined a league here I would do very well. It is a 4 game format. At the beginning I was asked if I wanted brackets, eliminator and the no-tap. I said yes to two brackets and no to the others because I wanted to save some money for my son to eat. So I bypassed the no-tap.

I had a very good shot. I used my X-Factor for all games. I tried out a few different lines. I tried hooking my new Nemisis a bunch, I tried going pretty straight ( for me ) with my X and I liked the line with my X the best. I thought it gave me some room to move over if the lanes dried out. I played 12 at the arrows out to 6/7 at the breakpoint.

First 3 games I went 236-204-236. Last game I hunkered down and threw 10 very good shots. I left a 10 pin and a 7 pin in the 3rd and the 6th frame. The rest were strikes. The last game was the no-tap game. the format was 9 or strike for the first 7 frames and strike out from there. Well I struck out from the 8th frame for a 258. I had a small crowd behind me because they thought I won the no-tap prize. They cheered me when I got the last strike. I said thank you but I wasn't sure why. The director asked my if I was in the no-tap. I said no, I told him I paid for two brackets and had money for either the no-tap and the eliminator or food for my son and choose my son. He said I was the only person who didn't get in the no-tap. He told me I just missed a chance at $800. I almost fainted. I kept telling my son how much I sacrificed for him tonight, because he kept telling me he wanted to go home so badly ( I did have him out of the house for a long time ). I finished 2nd and moved on to the championship round.

I bowled the third qualifier. I won that match 217-204 ( not including handicap. I still felt pretty good. I hadn't eaten much up to this point however. I had a carnation instant breakfast and that was it. After that game I was pretty worn out and it showed. I still had a chance to win but missed two spares in a row. It was the same spare. I missed them both the same way. It was the 3-6-10. I always use my spare ball for this spare. I lined up the way I always do and the ball hit my target and I thought it was gold. The ball went absolutely straight and didn't stop at all. I just missed the 3 pin each time. That took the wind out of my sails as my opponent took advantage and put together a four bagger that sealed the victory. Up to that point, my spare shooting was a strong point. I made some money and went home thinking about missing an opportunity to get that first place plaque. And of course the $800 for the no-tap. To top it off, I didn't make a penny in brackets. Amazing huh?

Oh well. I feel pretty good about my bowling right now. Hopefully this is the start of something good.
Posted by: Atochabsh

Re: Second Place - 07/09/06 09:26 PM

That's great Smooth. Good weekend. The bracket think is such a *****hoot as you know. I've shot no less then 230 in all games and lost them all. Go figure.