donkee tournaments

Posted by: mike brown

donkee tournaments - 07/05/06 04:28 AM

Hi every one i just wanted to know how do get into donkee tournaments i went to their web site
but they don't say.How to Get a membership i have
asked around but no one seems to know were i bowl at. I live in california i would be real thankful if anyone could give me some advice. On how to get a membership.
Posted by: Angel

Re: donkee tournaments - 07/05/06 12:02 PM

I would just read the Bowling News and get the information in the article the donkee tour publishes every week. The Bowling News is at

In the June 29th article, the Donkee Tour article appears on page 13, and says their July 7 and 8th at Action Lanes. I'm sure they sell memberships onsite.
Posted by: JeremyRJones

Re: donkee tournaments - 11/01/06 04:55 PM


They do sell Memberships on site. They used to post their upcoming tournaments on their website, but I believe the company was sold, and the website has not been updated since June. I also just checked their site and there is no link for the tournaments any longer. You can check the Bowling News or contact your local center to see if they are there. They normally do their tournaments in the Southern LA/Orange County bowling centers.

Sorry for the late information. I entered Donkee Tour in a search browser and it picked up your post. I registered and wanted to reply to your message. By this time, however, you probably are a member and have been for some time. smile