when to try

Posted by: Tim Gerard

when to try - 03/06/06 02:43 PM

What kind of average should a person carry before they consider entering their first tourn
I would like to give it a try but I think my avg. may not be good enough. I am usually around 185-190, currently 188.
Posted by: Angel

Re: when to try - 03/06/06 03:52 PM

What kind of tournaments are you thinking about entering? There are local events--city, county, tournament clubs. These are mostly handicap events and are for bowlers of all abilities. Then there are house tournaments--six-gamers, eight-gamers, doubles, etc. Some of these are scratch, others handicap. Some of them are so large they attract bowlers from other states (Hoinke, Lilac) Again, if they're handicap, they're for anyone. If they're scratch, then if you see the posted results, you'll see what types of scores are needed to win. Finally, if you are talking about PBA regionals, you would have to follow the PBA guidelines which currently require a 190 average, but in order to do well would require an average much higher than that.
Posted by: Chas

Re: when to try - 03/06/06 05:41 PM

There are numerous tournaments for 190 and below bowlers. Check www.bowling300.com which is a site that list many tournaments, mostly handicap.

Tournaments are the best way to improve. For lower avg bowlers handicap tournments offer the best opportunity.
Posted by: Jdhaze

Re: when to try - 03/06/06 10:47 PM

I dont think its ever too soon to try out either a handicap event or a no tap tourney. In fact is if your an up and coming bowler whos average is on the rise, then your going to have a better chance to do well than someone whos has an established higher average who has been bowling for years. Handicap events are about potential, the winners are thoes who bowl better than thier average not the best. You also may find out that like myself, you bowl better at events under a little pressure.

good luck and have fun!

Posted by: Tim Gerard

Re: when to try - 03/07/06 11:01 AM

Thanks all,
Its the local stuff I was thinking about for now.
I think I am going to give it a try, see what happens, and use it as a learning experience. For some reason I thought you needed to carry a high average to be eligable to enter.
Thanks Again