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nationals - 06/01/05 11:08 PM

heading to baton rouge in a cpl days was wondering if anyone could recomend any good places to eat ?
Posted by: Anna Broussard

Re: nationals - 06/02/05 06:38 AM

I live near Baton Rouge. I've been at Nationals many times. I have enjoyed it being here. Places to eat? If you want Cajun food, and most people do, I can give you a list. Some places, I haven't been to, because I cook all the time, but I hear they are exellent. Just cooked Crawfish Etoufee' last night. I live in cajun country. I was born a Bourgeois, and I married a Broussard. That's makes me pretty much cajun.LOL!!!! Here are some Cajun Resturants: Juban's at 3739 Perkins Road, Ralph & Kacoo's at 6110 Bluebonnet Blv., both in Baton Rouge. If you drive south down to Gonzales, near where I live, exit off of I10, at the Tanger Mall exit(not sure what exit number, but you can't miss the mall) and turn left, it's just a short drive down to the Holiday Inn, there is Resturant called Captain Anderson's in the hotel. That's a favorite place of mine. Also in the area is Sno's. Another good place. Also, if you are interested in eating some boiled crawfish, Tony's in Baton Rouge. It is the best, but I think it's take out. I've never been there, but have had the crawfish many times from there, thanks to good friends, and they are the best. Cars are lined up all the time, just to get in. Hope this helps. Usually, if you ask the locals around town, they can tell you the best places. Have a great time, and as we say in Louisiana, "Come pass a good time"
Anna Lynnette Broussard
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thanks for the info ill try some of these . we will be there on sun takes 17 hrs to drive . thanks again.
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Re: nationals - 06/02/05 11:46 PM

Good Luck!!!! I'll be in Tulsa for the WIBC Tournament this weekend. I bowled the USBC in Baton Rouge already. Had a great time. If you look up Cajun Resturants in the Baton Rouge area on the net, it will give you some more good places to eat. I know there are some places with live cajun music in the outlining areas. I've been to one of them, I think in Lafayette. Very fun!!! But check on that. It's been a while since I went there and I'm not even sure what the name of the place is. There was also cajun dancing. Of course, you have to have some Jambalya. You just missed the festival. It was last weekend. Lots of fun, music and dancing in the streets. Hope you enjoy Louisiana.
Come pass a good time!!!!
Anna Lynnette Broussard
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Re: nationals - 06/03/05 09:47 PM

You should try Boutin's on Bluebonnet Ave. in Baton Rouge if you'd like to try a fried alligator appetizer laugh

I had twice-baked crab.. awesome smile
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Re: nationals - 06/22/05 09:10 PM

HI Y'all,
I to am from the area and as a former Gillory with a grandmother named Fontenot and now married to a Couvillon I agree Boutin's is a good place to eat and the music and cajun dance is fun. I also agree with Ralph and Kaco's for seafood and I like Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro the Praline and cream cheesecake is to die for. If you are not to much on seafood then TJ ribs it the best food in town the "Mojo potatoes" are great. Now if you get a chance to go to New Orleans (my home town) the very best in all the area for seafood is Deanie's it is a small place in what was once called bucktown where the trawling boats used to dock it is just a small place but you will usually have a wait of about 1/2 hour but it is worth ever minute. If you need directions email me at [email protected] “Laissez les bon temps roullez.” (“Let the good times roll”)
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Re: nationals - 06/23/05 12:30 PM

Cripes, where were you in March when I needed that info smile Oh well, at least I'll be getting a nice check from the singles <g>