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Posted by: EddieJ300

Looking for Tournaments - 01/29/05 11:20 AM

I use to live on the east cost near Philly. There was an ABT Tournament every weekend in both Philly and Jersey and about one scratch tournament a month. But since I move here (Toledo Ohio area) I haven't been able to find much unless I drive 4 or 5 hours. There are a bunch of bowling centers in the Toledo Area but Zero Tournaments. And this is what sent me to the web looking for info and suggestions. I am surprised that ABT has never set up shop in Toledo. It would be a "Big Hit"! I am also surprised that the local ABC Association does nothing to encourage local tournaments.

Id really like to hear you comments and suggestions.

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Re: Looking for Tournaments - 01/30/05 09:50 PM

Any bowling proprietor can set up a local tournament. You need to talk to them and see if they have a reason not to do it.
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Re: Looking for Tournaments - 01/31/05 11:32 AM

We have talked to the local proprietors and our local ABC and no one cares to do much of anything.
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Re: Looking for Tournaments - 01/31/05 10:38 PM

Did anyone have a reason NOT to do it? Have they had bad turn outs in the past?
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Re: Looking for Tournaments - 02/01/05 09:09 AM

Not about the past. I have lived here for almost 4 years. There have been Zero Tournaments!
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Re: Looking for Tournaments - 02/03/05 11:44 PM

What part of Ohio are you in?
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Re: Looking for Tournaments - 02/06/05 10:41 AM

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Re: Looking for Tournaments - 02/06/05 03:46 PM

June 18-19 and 25-26 The Buckeye 600 Singles tournament is in Toledo.

On June 25 The Ohio Womens 700 Club Singles is in Toledo.

Of course the Famous Hoinke Classic is in Cincy.

The 40 frame game tournament is in Toledo at Westland lanes.

Miricle Lanes has taken over the tournaments and leagues from the bankrupt University Lanes.

Bay Center Recreation hosts the Toledo Womens Bowling tournaments.

The Seniors tournament is at Westland.

Cloverleaf Lanes in Independence Ohio hosts the Break the Bank tournament, with a $16,000 first prize.

For 95 years the Greater Toledo Bowling Association has conducted the annual city tournament in Toledo.

Southwyck Lanes in Toledo hosts the PBA tournaments.

I gathered this from a quick Google search, maybe some of it is useful...
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Re: Looking for Tournaments - 02/07/05 11:16 AM


Sad to say, MANY centers are not interested in hosting tournaments these days. When you have tournament clubs requesting outlandishly low lineage, specific lane conditions, dark pairs, etc. why bother?

Glow bowling can go until 2 or 3 in the morning, and birthday parties can start as early as 10 am. I suppose a well-meaning proprietor could try to squeeze a tournament in between there, but not too likely.
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Re: Looking for Tournaments - 02/07/05 07:38 PM

Even worse now that Cosmic bowling is dying out... A lot of proprietors are wishing they had kept their leagues to pay the bills.

I talk with a lot of proprietors around the country, and when big companies quit sponsoring leagues for their employees, bowling centers threw up their hands and went to Cosmic, or Rockin' Bowl, abandoning what leagues they had left. The houses that continued catering to leagues during the week, and kept the open bowling for the weekends, are weathering the storm much better.

But none the less there are tournaments all around the country, it is just harder to find ones that are fair, and above board. Advertising of tournaments seems to have gone by the wayside, you have to visit houses and look for flyer's now. Of course there is always word of mouth, if you talk to the right bowlers.
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Re: Looking for Tournaments - 03/12/05 12:24 PM

Hi EddieJ300:
Well, since there seems to me little or no interest in your area bowling establishments regarding tournaments, you, if you're so inclined, might look into SBA for a loan and buy an existing house or, perhaps, have one built. Expensive, but you would be the boss. Perhaps, like investment clubs, there might be a number of your fellow bowlers that would consider doing the above. There is ample info on line to guide you in this pursuit.
Hope this helps,
Willy Arty
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Re: Looking for Tournaments - 02/07/06 01:43 PM

My brother started a tournament in my dad's center in SC five years ago. He held it in the summmer when open bowling is traditionally low. This tournament has grown every year for the past five. Originally a $1000 first prize, the top prize has grown to $2000. He has guarenteed the prize from the first year. If you can guanatee the prize fund, this will also up the participation. Running a tourney is a lot of work, and promoting it is as well. That's probably why some centers won't run them.
Posted by: wlfdbowler

Re: Looking for Tournaments - 07/26/06 02:17 PM

i too am having the same problems that you are eddiej300 , except in wallingford connecticut. if anyone knows of any good local tournaments in connecticut please share