NABI Questions

Posted by: petrinjak

NABI Questions - 01/19/04 10:31 AM

I am thinking about joining the NABI for a little tournament experience but I have a couple of questions. I sent an email to the regional director but have yet to hear back so I was hoping someone here might be able to help.

To be a memeber, your entering average must be between 137 and 196. My average is currently 184. What happens when your average goes above 196. Next...the dress code says you have to have the NABI logo permanently attached to your shirt. Where do you get this logo.

Thanks for any answers you can offer.

Posted by: Smooth Stroker

Re: NABI Questions - 01/19/04 12:59 PM

The NABI rules must be different over there. Here in NY you only have to have under a 220 composite average, and you can't be a PBA member. Nothing about any shirt logo. I emailed the director of NY NABI and I got an email back right away. I went to check out the tourny yesterday and got a lot of info out of it. I got on their email list and established a composite average for the next tourny. The first squad is $30 and the rest are $60. It's a 3 game format and you move a pair after every game. 1 in 6 cash. House shot.
Posted by: petrinjak

Re: NABI Questions - 01/19/04 01:20 PM

While browsing through all the NABI sites I could find, I did see one set of rules that said ther was a upper division for bowlers that average between 195 and 229 I think it was. But all the sites mention adherance to the National dress code. Some of the regions may not be very strict about that though.
Posted by: Smooth Stroker

Re: NABI Questions - 01/19/04 01:29 PM

Have you tried ? That's the one that I used to connect me to the one here on Long Island.