A.B.C. Masters

Posted by: faceman

A.B.C. Masters - 01/07/03 02:31 PM

One week left!Is anyone going??? I am going again hopefully bowl better than last year!!
Just wondering if anyone else was!! thumbsup
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Re: A.B.C. Masters - 01/17/03 11:35 AM

How did you bowl or how are you bowling now?
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Re: A.B.C. Masters - 01/20/03 02:51 PM

Well I was going in with alot of confidence,but during the practice session on Monday I pulled a tendon in my left hand and it was so inflamed by the time the tourney started I could'nt even pick up my ball with my left hand so I was never a factor in anything.I ended up just throwing a straight ball right down the middle with no hook!!
Now Im out of bowling for atleast 2 more weeks!!
I did have alot of fun while I was there and met some very nice people from different parts of the country also!!!
Oh Yeah it was a tough shot to!!!! confused
Hopefully next year will be better....
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Re: A.B.C. Masters - 01/20/03 05:30 PM

Sorry to hear about your injury, I know it couldn't have come at a more worse time. Also from what I heard, the left didn't have much of a reaction. Maybe I'll see you there next year. thumbsup
Posted by: faceman

Re: A.B.C. Masters - 01/22/03 03:04 PM

Well they had the left side hard that's for sure.You did'nt have any room for error,alittle one way and it would slide and the other just take off!!When I could throw the ball in practice I was throwing a polished storm flame(urathane)and it would still hook to much if I was inside to much!!It's odd that I was throwing straight down the middle and after the first day was still ahead of about 175 people even jason couch!!!I will be there next year so hopefully we can meet up and say hello!!

Have good day!!